About Advancing Australian Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing refers to highly specialised products and processes in areas such as medical technology, biopharmaceuticals, mining, agribusiness, aerospace and defence, where Australian expertise is the source of competitive advantage. Just as importantly, it denotes the process by which knowledge-intensive value is added in both the pre- and post‑production phase in areas including research and development, concept design, planning, engineering and after-sales service.

As much as 41 per cent of global trade is now in intermediate goods, for example, components and research. As a result, there is a growing market for advanced manufacturers that not only create finished products, but add value at every stage of and within the global supply chain.

Advanced manufacturing has a high intellectual property component and businesses are constantly innovating to remain competitive. For instance, many companies have begun to digitise their production process using technologies such as 3D printing or the connected capabilities of the Internet of Things. In addition, there is keen interest in the latest applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

Today, there are several globally successful Australian advanced manufacturers. Typically, they employ a large number of scientists and collaborate heavily with universities and the CSIRO. Perhaps the best-known example is Cochlear, which designs, produces and supplies implants for the hearing-impaired in more than 100 countries. Other companies such as Cablex, Marand Precision Engineering and Sutton Tools may not be household names, yet each of these ‘quiet champions’ has established indelible places in global supply chains by contributing high-value tools and parts that other manufacturers convert into finished goods.

Of course, much more work is needed to ensure that a new generation of Australian companies follow their success. Major items on the nation’s to-do list include skilling Australia’s workforce, fostering stronger research collaboration and offering greater capital funding for start-ups. With the right blend of committed industry partnerships and government support, the future of advanced manufacturing in Australia is bright.

There is a Growing Market For Advanced Manufactures.

About AMGC

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre is an industry-led, not-for-profit organisation which supports the development of a world-leading advanced manufacturing sector in Australia. It is run by a board and management team of leading industry experts.

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre is connected with a nationwide network of research and development hubs. The Centre’s role is to unlock new commercial opportunities and drive innovation in Australian manufacturing. It will do this by fostering collaboration between industry enterprises and the scientific and research community. It will also consolidate existing linkages.

The key to the Centre’s success is the strength of its membership. The opportunity to join the Centre’s membership program is open to manufacturers of all sizes, and to universities and other research institutions.

Joining brings immediate entry into a vibrant ecosystem of like-minded participants who care about developing a more innovative, globally competitive manufacturing sector. Companies will also gain access to well‑developed research results waiting to be commercialised, as well as rights to intellectual property.

The Centre is a key plank of the Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centres Initiative. It is part of a $248 million initiative to establish Growth Centres across six sectors. Other Growth Centres cover Food and Agribusiness; Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals; Mining Equipment, Technology and Services; Oil, Gas and Energy Resources; and Cyber Security. These are all smart, high-value and export-focused industries where Australian ingenuity and expertise have the potential to compete on the world stage.

Team & Board Bios

Mr. Andrew Stevens, Chairman of the Board

Formerly Managing Director of IBM Australia and New Zealand, and formerly Chief Operating Officer of Price Waterhouse Management Consulting Asia Pacific

Dr. Jens Goennemann, Managing Director

Formerly Managing Director of Airbus Group Australia Pacific, a leading Australian manufacturer of state-of-the-art helicopters.

Dr. Nina Walton, Director of the Board

Academic with Legal, Business background, PhD in international competition and game theory. Australian but Independent from Australian University and Research system.

Mr. Paul Cooper, Director of the Board

Director, Operations and Finance at Rinstrum Pty Ltd- a global advanced manufacturing and design company. Paul has 25 years experience in board positions in manufacturing, education, professional associations, health and accounting.

Ms. Michelle Shi-Verdaasdonk, Director of the Board

Michelle has 15 years’ industry experience and is currently Vice President and Head of Manufacturing at Philips lighting.

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