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Membership of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre is open to manufacturers of all types and sizes, as well as universities and other research institutions. Our members include some of Australia's most prestigious organisations.

Becoming a member offers entry into a vibrant ecosystem. Small and medium-sized enterprises can connect with multinationals to bolster their reach, while large enterprises have the opportunity to discover agile and innovative supply chain partners. Manufacturers collaborating in joint Projects can gain access to the intellectual property for both research and development for commercialisation, with no royalty or licence fees. In addition, members may wish to connect and work with multinational organisations and their global supply chain partners.

Become a member

AMGC Membership Benefits Include the Following:

  • Co-funded projects: AMGC will co-fund projects implementing identified priorities for the sector. AMGC projects bring together global companies, Australian small and medium sized businesses and the best Australian research organisations to deliver new technology for global supply chains (projects will last 12-18 months. AMGC will co-fun cash contributions up to 50%. TRL level 4-7).
  • Collaboration hubs: AMGC will research the prospect of development hubs in strategic locations around Australia. The aim of these hubs is to strengthen collaboration between its members and derive broader benefits from co-locating with facilities run by the CSIRO.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The adoption of advanced manufacturing techniques and characteristics is a knowledge intensive process. The AMGC Sector Competitiveness Plan (SCP) provides an in-depth study of a firm’s competitiveness in manufacturing. The SCP contains invaluable findings, which will be shared with your firm to identify its unique pathway to success.
  • Advocacy: AMGC will draw on its whole-of-sector perspective to work with government departments and companies to drive strategic priorities for the sector.
  • Video profile/case study: Profile your business on the AMGC website.
  • Media/PR: AMGC is interested in publishing media articles showcasing the future of Australian manufacturing. AMGC will work with you to publish content through AMGC media channels.


A major benefit of membership is the ability for organisations to obtain Australian Government funding for projects that support productivity, competitiveness and innovation within the manufacturing sector. Examples of projects could include integrated product or service development; shared commercialised research collaboration; and initiatives that support cross-industry technology transfer.

Funding criteria will include consideration of whether the project supports the goal of ‘value differentiation’ and helps to fill identified knowledge gaps within Australian manufacturing. Applicants must also demonstrate their ability to self-source funding that at least matches the government’s contribution. Successful projects will be funded on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

The biggest force acting on our business is low-cost competition from foreign producers. The only way we can succeed is by building smarter versions of our product and finding smarter ways to deliver it.

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