Accelerate Manufacturing: Western Downs Manufacturing Conference 2022

Western Downs Regional Council (WDRC) will deliver a brand new initiative, Accelerate Manufacturing: Western Downs Manufacturing Conference

About this Event

WDRC recognises that the manufacturing sector is a major economic pillar and a well-established industry adding $200 million value to the Western Downs region. This gross economic value has more than doubled over the past 5 years and continues to represent an area for growth and innovation opportunities.

This year, Council aims to bring together regional businesses, industry experts, and other stakeholders to uncover strategies and opportunities for further growth.  An exciting program featuring industry experts will address the following key themes during this first of a kind conference:

  • Business Transformation and Industry 4.0
  • Workforce Attraction and Development
  • Strategies to net-zero
  • Grants and Business support

Here from the following speakers:

  • Shay Chalmers, Strategic Engineering Australia
  • Jonathan Roberts, ArmHub
  • Melissa Nugent, ArmHub
  • Byron Wolff, Thompson Longhorn 
  • Jenny Rix, Regional Development Australia 
  • Bruce Burt, Dalby State High School 
  • Barbara Albert, 100% Renewables
  • Michael Sharpe, AMGC

To learn more and to register, please click here!

Event Date: 25 May 2022
Location: Dalby Events Centre - 54 Nicholson St, Dalby QLD 4405

Time: 8:30 am – 4:15 pm

Cost: FREE