How to build a resilient company – Portland

Join AMGC at the upcoming event: How to build a resilient company. 

About this Event

AMGC research shows that Australia is currently home to one of the most volatile manufacturing industries in the world. There is no crystal ball that can predict the next crisis. What we can be sure of, however, is that building resilience into a company’s strategy can help mitigate risk.

Manufacturing companies can take concrete steps to help build resilience and AMGC will share case studies and strategies of Australian companies that have managed to survive and thrive through unpredictable business circumstances.

The event will introduce a range of industry speakers and feature Australia’s first Manufacturing Academy, plus explore opportunities to network with regional companies, research partners, and business mentors.

Learn more about grants and funding opportunities for Australian manufacturing companies.

Speaks include:

Michael Sharpe, National Director Industry, AMGC

Brenda Callahan, Business Advisor, AusIndustry

Peter Komsta, Industry Project Manager, IBSA Manufacturing

A skills service organisation for the manufacturing industry

4:30pm Welcome tea & coffee

5:00pm Start

6:30pm Close

Event Date: 5 February 2020
Location: Comfort Inn Richmond Henty - The Blue Room

Cost: FREE

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