How to build an additive manufacturing strategy – Adelaide

Join AMGC for a breakfast and networking event with the support of MarkForged, SFDesign, Flinders University and AmCham.

About this Event

​AMGC, with the support of MarkForged, SFDesign, Finders University and AmCham, is proud to present this breakfast event on How to build an additive manufacturing (3D printing) strategy.

Additive manufacturing is changing how we design and make products, and as the technology becomes more prevalent on manufacturing floors, it is important for businesses to gain application-centric intuition about the process. To start implementing any new manufacturing technology it is important to understand how it works and where to start.

Emma Bennett, Industry Program Director, Australian Industrial Transformation Institute (AITI), Flinders University will provide an update on the Factory of the Future. Tours of the facility are available on request after the event.

Join us to learn how other businesses have embraced additive manufacturing and how you can build an additive manufacturing strategy.

Event Date: 17 March 2021
Location: Room 5.29, 5th floor, main building, Tonsley Campus, South Road, Tonsley SA 5042

Time: 08:00 am – 9:30am

Cost: FREE

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