Increasing Competitiveness in Manufacturing – Darwin

AMGC is proud to present, Increasing Competitiveness in Manufacturing. AMGC is committed to strengthening Australian manufacturing’s competitiveness and resilience.

About this Event

Manufacturing has a vital role to play as Australia seeks to create an innovative, competitive and globally oriented economy. Today, the industry is undergoing a historic transformation across the world. The most aspirational firms are diversifying their value propositions by tailoring unique components, services and solutions within global supply chains. Work practices are also changing. Digital transformation of the manufacturing process is ushering in exciting techniques such as 3D printing, where physical objects are created from virtual templates. Connected ‘smart factory’ environments also allow customer feedback to loop back and inform product development in real-time.

AMGC is committed to strengthening Australian manufacturing’s competitiveness and resilience, we invite you to hear from our guest speakers about increasing competitiveness and resilience in manufacturing – the two key pillars that will determine the industry’s future success.

Hear from the following speakers:

  • Paul Sheather, Executive Director – Operations, Secora
  • Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director, AMGC
  • Charmaine Phillips, NT Director, AMGC
  • More speakers to be announced.

Join AMGC for nibbles and a drink and to learn more about AMGC’s action plan to create a thriving advanced manufacturing industry in Australia.

4:00 Welcome drinks & networking
4:30 Event start
5:30 Event close

Event Date: 8 June 2023
Location: Arafura meeting room, Level 1 Development House - 76 The Esplanade, Darwin NT 0801

Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Cost: FREE

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