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AMGC is excited to kick off Manufacturing Councils meetings.

About Manufacturing Councils

AMGC has launched its first Councils meeting in Sydney, with meetings scheduled for November and December 2022.

Manufacturing Councils are here to stay and to grow across the country. They are regional-based, monthly half-day meetings across Australia that aim to bring together like-minded and unwaveringly ambitious manufacturers who wish to leverage best-of-breed knowledge, skills, and insights – while shaping and realising the opportunities manufacturing has to offer.

These Councils will be an exclusive one-stop shop for Australia’s manufacturing leaders – for the ones who are getting it, matter most, and whose voices will be heard loud and clear.

AMGC has teamed up with Australia’s leading peer advisory and mentoring organisation to ensure you personally, and your company, receive ongoing value for your investment. That is, joint leadership advancement paired with manufacturing-specific insights and progression.

We know the value Manufacturing Councils will bring to your business and to the manufacturing ecosystem, overall. We have seen plentiful evidence of this over the past seven years as we have brought together hundreds of leaders to our events where problems were resolved, deals done, disruptive positions formulated and often implemented.

Please register your interest below so we can see where to set up our next Councils meetings!

Register your interest – Manufacturing Councils

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