The path to advanced manufacturing – Kununurra (postponed)

Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) is delighted to announce the path to advanced manufacturing.

About this Event

AMGC’s research reveals that being an advanced manufacturer is not about what you make, but about how you make it. This means that every single Australian manufacturer—including you—has the potential to be advanced.

This event gives you the opportunity to hear first-hand about the transformations occurring in manufacturing in Australia right now. Australian manufacturers are already innovating, offering exceptional technical solutions and highly customised services.

Our speakers will present case studies and real-world examples of how Australian business owners are transforming their manufacturing operations, upskilling their workforce, and creating new technologies to export to the world. Speakers will touch on topics such as robotics and automation, and how collaborating with Australia’s world-leading researchers can help accelerate your path to advanced manufacturing.

We’ll touch on AMGC’s Manufacturing Academy, which delivers exclusive insights on how to increase commercialisation and capitalise on innovation. Plus, we’ll explore opportunities for collaboration with other companies, research partners and government organisations, as well as grants and funding.

Discover how advanced manufacturers have found success, why their process works, and how to begin incorporating similar processes within your own business.

Learn more about grants and funding opportunities for Australian manufacturing companies.

Event Date: 12 March 2020

Cost: FREE

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