We are an Australian owned company, started in 2018 to promote, support and offer solution to Australian Manufacturing by using Additive Manufacturing Technologies.
We strongly believe in the advancement of the Australian Manufacturing as an opportunity to create a solid future for the country based on technology and high value added activities.
We believe that Additive Manufacturing with its flexibility, adaptiveness, proximity and inherited innovation potential/idea generation can solve many challenges of present day manufacturing.
We bring together an extraordinary expertise in contract manufacturing, engineering design, and automotive industry.
We use advance 3D CAD for general design, and Cura and Eiger to interface our 3D printers.

Member Profile


ABN: 90492879322

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Sub-Industry: Printing (inc. 3D printing)

Advanced Capabilities: Robotics & Automation, Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing

Primary Location: Victoria

Website: www.3dcounterpoint.com.au