Dcisiv Technologies Pty Ltd

DCISIV Technologies was founded in March 2019 to explore and develop business opportunities in the emerging field of additive manufacturing – what we define as industrial 3D printing. We have partnered with Haddington Dynamics headquartered in Nevada, U.S.A, establishing the first micro-factory of it’s kind to manufacture and sell 7+ axis robots. The robots have been designed to be fabricated on 3D printers using extrusion-based technologies.

Our vision is to make robotics affordable and accessible to students, technology enthusiasts and businesses alike. We use the robots we build to improve manufacturing quality, reliability and productivity in our target regions and internally.

Through a strong, integrated partnership with Downey Engineering – Dcisiv Technologies draws on 30 years of automation and control systems experience to provide highly technical products and services. We implement business and quality processes based on proven success – which is the basis for our reliable performance. We are dedicated to providing high quality, economical solutions to our valued customers.

In an area of constant change and reliance on automation, DCISIV Technologies brings together electrical, mechanical, mechatronic, instrumentation and information technology professionals and paraprofessionals to provide high-quality robotic manufacturing, control system engineering and programming services for both new projects and the maintenance of existing facilities for industries across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Member Profile

Dcisiv Technologies Pty Ltd

ABN: 32632289171

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Sub-Industry: Machinery & equipment, Printing (inc. 3D printing)

Advanced Capabilities: Robotics & Automation, Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing, Digital Design & Rapid Prototyping

Primary Location: Queensland

Website: www.dcisiv.com.au