Floveyor Pty Ltd

At Floveyor we are the original inventors of the aero-mechanical conveyor (AMC) – a unique conveying system, first conceived over 50 years ago, that fluidizes dry powders and granules, creating an efficient and cost-effective conveying solution for many industries.

Since then, we’ve driven the evolution of the AMC concept, pioneering innovative new solutions and building a global support network that has established Floveyor as the benchmark and world’s leader in aero-mechanical conveying solutions.

Today, having proudly installed over 5,000 Floveyors in more than 50 countries, we’ve built and adapted AMC solutions to work in a host of operational environments. Our clients span myriad industries and use our machines to move an equally diverse range of materials – quickly, efficiently and safely.

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Floveyor Pty Ltd

ABN: 14114153927

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Sub-Industry: Engineering/Computer System Design, Machinery & equipment, Metal fabrication and primary metal production

Primary Location: Western Australia

Website: www.floveyor.com