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Live􀃕eld is a materials technology company set to bring its world 􀃕rst, sustainable building materials technology to the Australian and global markets. The cutting-edge technology already recognised and backed by the Australian Federal Government was developed in conjunction with RMIT University with the intention of creating opportunities for jobs and export all while transforming the recycling sector. Each year
hundreds of thousands of tonnes of glass are being stockpiled and land􀃕lled instead of being recycled in Australia. Live􀃕eld's project was recognised by the Minister for Industry, Science & Technology as 1 of 9 projects set to transform the Australian waste industry. Committed to creating better places to live, work and play Live􀃕eld saw an opportunity in its in-house developed materials formulation. The technology harnesses the properties of recycled glass and specialised additives which when combined deliver an ultra-durable, high performing, circular building material. Across the globe consumers of building materials are looking for better ways to build sustainable infrastructure cities and communities. The global quest for sustainable building materials is on and Australian based Livefield has the technology here and now to transform conventional building methods and pave the way to a circular economy which is important for the sustainability of our environment, economy and our own wellbeing. Livefield will play a vital role in working to divert valuable resources from being disposed of in land􀃕ll and positioning Australia as the pioneer in circular building materials.

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Livefield Pty Ltd

ABN: 81640105853

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Advanced Capabilities: Advanced Composites/materials, Sustainability & Life Cycle

Primary Location: VIC