Middle Arm Petrochemicals Pty Ltd

Early stage project development of demonstration-scale (series of 20' containers) petrochemicals process plant. Utilising carbon dioxide and renewable energy as major feedstock components to manufacture commodity chemicals for export. Attractive 'Carbon Capture and Utilisation' commercial alternative to Sequestration.

Integrating availability of renewable energy with emerging electro-chemical and photo-catalytic technologies together with conventional petrochemical technologies.

Business model aims to demonstrate concept at pilot plant scale as a precursor to industrial scale-up by other major industry stakeholders.

Member Profile

Middle Arm Petrochemicals Pty Ltd

ABN: 46639162084

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Advanced Capabilities: Sustainability & Life Cycle

Primary Location: NT

Website: www.linkedin.com/company/malabar-associates-pty-ltd/about/?viewAsMember=true