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At Rowater we offer a total solution which stems from our deep knowledge in optimising water usage. We consider how the water treatment equipment can be designed to integrate with other on-site infrastructure such as tanks, pipes and filters to maximise output for multiple purposes (e.g. livestock, crops, gardens or people). We also consider strategies to reduce power consumption to create and optimise system efficiencies. We then design, manufacture and install the system along with providing training and ongoing maintenance and consulting services. We partner with our clients for the long haul.

Water treatment plant equipment is our core offering, from which everything else stems.
We have deep technical knowledge and expertise relating to the optimisation of water usage via reliable and efficient system design, build and commissioning.

Waterforce was strategically acquired by Rowater in 2010.
This complemented the WTP equipment division, providing a total ‘through-life support’ solution for clients.

High purity water is generated by Rowater via a dedicated on-site high-grade reverse osmosis system, supplying bulk and packaged high purity water for specialist, industry and commercial use.
This also provides a backup option in situations when clients’ own systems are off-line.

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Rowater Australia

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