Thimk Pty Ltd

Thimk was founded to create unique UVC or Ultraviolet-C powered disinfection products to ensure shared devices such as headsets, laptops, phones, tablets and keyboards are bacteria and virus free.

Founded by Colin Allen, a leader in safety with over 40 years’ experience both in field safety and manufacturing, Thimk has taken a very pragmatic approach to delivering UVC offerings, innovating like no other in the current market space. The company continues to be a benchmark for standards in UV sanitation, advocating for rigorous testing protocols that give users confidence in sanitation outcomes.

Thimk products exist to reduce the need to use wasteful and environmentally unfriendly wet wipes and other such traditional cleaning products, to combat disease transmission and reduce damage to expensive equipment.

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Thimk Pty Ltd

ABN: 59653961221

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Primary Location: QLD