Kick-start your digital transformation with MOVUS – 50% discount on offer

Brisbane-based start-up MOVUS is ready to provide 50 Australian manufacturing SMEs the opportunity to kick-start their digital transformation, with a 50% discount on the MOVUS FitMachine Starter Kit subscription for 12 months.

Using FitMachine, old and new industrial equipment can be quickly and easily retrofitted with sensor intelligence that provides 24/7 continuous condition monitoring (rather than run-to-fail or routine-based monitoring). This allows for smarter maintenance and is an affordable introduction to Industry 4.0—both of which are critical in ensuring that manufacturers of all sizes remain competitive now and into the future.

According to David Barzilay (Marketing Manager, MOVUS), “For manufacturing SMEs, running the business is already hectic enough, let alone researching new technologies and determining how to improve their bottom line. So, the time is now; the first step is collecting data to understand the current state of their equipment—including machine health, utilisation and uptime—and then understanding how this impacts their business and spotting areas for improvement.”

“We know equipment performance is critical for any manufacturing business. Therefore, we want to enable Australian SMEs to get ahead of machine breakdowns, and improve their efficiency, reliability and competitiveness. Through a co-funded project with AMGC, we’re excited that our FitMachine technology is helping Australian SMEs reduce their maintenance costs, by minimising unplanned outages.”

The Starter Kit subscription includes 10 FitMachine sensors from MOVUS, a 4G/WiFi industrial gateway, installation, and access to MOVUS’s MachineCloud Dashboard. Each SME will contribute $5,000 (half the cost of the annual subscription), with the AMGC providing the remainder of the co-funding.


What is the FitMachine?

The FitMachine is a continuous, wireless machine monitoring service, designed specifically for fixed rotating industrial equipment including: pumps, motors, blowers, fans, compressors, chillers, cooling towers, gearboxes, generators, and much more.

Small sensors are magnetically attached to the industrial equipment, establishing its normal behaviour through machine learning, and sending data (on factors such as temperature, vibration and acoustics) to a cloud platform, where it is processed via artificial intelligence. The information on equipment condition, degradation and alarms of malfunction assists with minimising unplanned downtime and reducing production interruptions.  


What Benefits Does FitMachine Offer?

The benefits offered by FitMachine include:

  • 24/7 Real-Time Equipment Health Visibility: Monitor the condition and degradation of your equipment in real-time. Manage hundreds of assets via the MOVUS MachineCloud.
  • Minimise Unplanned Downtime: Receive early alarms via SMS and email when the condition of your equipment degrades beyond normal behaviour.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs: Reduce physical inspections by focusing solely on equipment that requires attention, lowering operating costs and extending the asset lifecycle.
  • Fast Installation. No Tools Required: Quickly deploy FitMachine by magnetically attaching it to your equipment. Easily activate FitMachine with the FitMachine mobile app.


Further Information

This co-funded offer is only available to the first 50 Australian SMEs. So, if you are interested in kick-starting your digitalisation journey, do not delay in submitting your application.

For further information, or to apply for your 50% discount on the FitMachine Starter Kit, visit: