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Elevating Additive Manufacturing

Project description and overview:

Mineral Technologies are not the nominal lead participant in this project. However, it is their vision that is driving it. MT have a five-year plan to adopt additive manufacturing for their spiral manufacturing and they see the Boundless AM technology as highly viable and are willing to collaborate with AMGC and Boundless AM to fund the development of the Boundless AM technology. This project seeks to deliver a commercially viable 2 metre single revolution 300mm spiral for Mineral Technologies. This is a project which attempts grow 3D objects such as spirals from the ground up, using new resins, new hardware, and new software.

The proposed Boundless AM system is a new conceptualized manufacturing platform that features bottom-up resin additive manufacturing and integrated curing for the creation of large composite products. Existing manufacturing techniques used to create large composite products have a number of disadvantages, which Boundless AM seeks to overcome with their portable solution.

The project will help speed up the development of the Boundless AM system to a TRL 4. The commercialisation efforts that will follow will initially be focused on manufacturing spirals for MT, hence the cash contribution by that company. This commercialisation effort will include a containerised version of the system, such that it can be transported to the site where spirals are being used so they can be manufactured on site.


  • Increased collaboration with other manufacturers
  • Increased spending on R&D
  • Smarter inventory management
  • Newer equipment
  • Larger geographical reach


  • Increase of $15 million in sales over 5 years.


  • This technology platform will be part of a solution to provide graduates of the new advanced manufacturing centre at Griffith University as part of the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct some of the following jobs they will be seeking such as chemical engineering; software engineering; industrial design; mechanical engineering; electrical engineering; mechatronics engineering; additive manufacturing technicians; sensor engineering; and optics engineering.
  • Should this technology prove itself, Mineral Technologies could regain the 30% of sales currently captured by the two other global players in spiral manufacture, adding approximately 30 jobs to their Australian manufacturing facilities and potentially generating $300 million over five years based on current financial projections.

Government Funds: $270,000 | Industry: $270,000 | In-Kind: $90,000

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