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The development of the AxIT Rehab system

Project description and overview:

Strength By Numbers (SBN), are developing a medical-grade digital strength assessment system specifically for the Rehab market – the ‘AxIT Rehab’ system. AxIT Rehab comprises 4 independent devices that enable medical and allied health professionals to test and monitor an almost unlimited range of injuries. The system tracks recovery progression over time whilst also providing real-time biofeedback for physical therapy.

SBN previously developed a digital sports and performance assessment system, known as ‘AxIT Performance’. AxIT Rehab is a far more capable system than the prior AxIT Performance System. It will be produced under a stringent quality management system so as to be registered as a medical device, specifically for the diagnosis and monitoring of injuries and rehabilitation.

AxIT Rehab empowers practitioners with actionable data to make better decisions; allows tracking of interventions along the way; and provides a better understanding of an individual’s recovery. There is also a growing need for Medical and Allied Health professionals to demonstrate evidence-based Outcome Measures to Health Insurers and Regulatory bodies such as TAC and WorkSafe. The majority of small to medium sized Allied Health businesses struggle to access appropriate technology and equipment to perform such quantitative digital assessments.

It is a core design principle that AxIT Rehab does not create any unnecessary friction in the operator’s workflow. The data is presented in a simple and intuitive fashion. The key with AxIT Rehab is not presenting an overwhelming volume of data, but presenting only the data that is needed right at the moment that it is needed. This is a critical element in the workflow as the clinicians operate in time-poor environments. The simplistic nature of the data and visualisations helps the clinicians ensure clear communication with patients to achieve excellent patient buy-in to their rehabilitation programs.

AxIT Rehab is designed with portability and accessibility in mind. This enables the Allied Health professionals to take AxIT Rehab to patients for in-home visits as well as for onsite workplace assessments. The compact nature of the systems means it can be used within common 3-metre by 3-metre clinical treatment rooms. It is also able to be easily packed up out of the way should it not be required. This portability is a valuable differentiator from most other products on the market.

This project will see the development of the AxIT Rehab system using advanced manufacturing techniques locally, that are able to maintain extremely low unit costs whilst simultaneously maintaining high quality. It will include advanced production methods aswell as a significant investment in digital design, CNC robotic machining, rapid prototyping and optimisation involved in setting up such production methods.

This project will enable production at the scale required to service the largely untapped large global Allied Health market. At the conclusion of this project, SBN will be able to rapidly scale up the work conducted in this project into commercialisation activities globally.


  • Increased spending on R&D
  • Increased collaboration with other manufacturers
  • Higher information and communication technology (ICT) intensity
  • Increased number of staff with science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) skills
  • Better qualified employees
  • Increased levels of automation
  • Smarter inventory management
  • Greater share of services in total revenue
  • Higher product value density (by weight)
  • Larger geographical reach


  • SBN forecast $39.3M in revenue over 5 years


  • This project is projected to upskill and create additional 18 jobs during the project and one year after project completion

Government Funds: $239,000 | Industry: $239,000 | In-Kind: $50,000

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