29 September 2023

About this Webinar

Hosted by Charmaine Phillips, NT Director, AMGC, Charmaine will be speaking to Cori Stewart, CEO and Founder at ARM Hub about how ARM Hub can help industry to scale up.

When Young Guns Container Crew (YGCC) reached out to ARM Hub in 2020, it was looking to create an Industry 4.0 solution to reduce downtime and mitigate safety risks. Since then, YGCC and ARM Hub has collaboratively developed a digital twin incorporating automation and robotics that identified savings of between 25-50% – a multi-million gain. The next step is to incorporate artificial intelligence for quality assurance.

This is an example of how ARM Hub helps companies of all sizes embrace (robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality) to increase profitability and become more competitive. The ARM Hub factory is based in Brisbane but works with a network of world-class research institutions, and commercial companies across Australia.