A message from Jens Goennemann

AMGC recently celebrated a significant milestone; we now have over 2,000 member companies in our network. This groundswell of support reinforces our position as the trusted voice of the manufacturing industry in Australia.

I would like to thank every manufacturer for your trust.

Our activities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register, have given our membership value proposition an added boost, for which I am extremely grateful.

We have had over 2,5oo companies and individuals subscribe to the Manufacturer Response Register, enabling us to facilitate over 260 connections and project collaborations – so far.

As a result, many of these companies and individuals have become AMGC members, joining our network of like-minded organisations that are keen to push the envelope, and work together to boost the capability of Australia’s manufacturing industry as a whole.

The Typical AMGC Member

The majority of our members are small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) with less than 20 employees. Take for example, Seasol – our 2000th member featured our AMGC News column, or  COREIoT—the AMGC member featured in this month’s Better Together column. This demographic is representative of the nature of Australia’s manufacturing industry, 90% of which is comprised of SMEs.

AMGC members embrace the ‘Smiley Curve’ mindset, creatively diversifying their focus across different stages of the manufacturing process, both before and after goods are produced.

In contrast, many larger ‘big end of town’ manufacturers receive a lot of attention, particularly in the Australia media. However, as an aggregate, AMGC’s 2,000-strong member network is an even bigger end of town, and we remain to be your trusted voice.

By collaborating, and speaking unified, together we can build a resilient manufacturing industry that is agile and responsive, that delivers technically superior products and services, that competes on value—not on cost—to remain competitive on the global stage.

The Value of AMGC Membership

AMGC membership is free. While usually you get what you pay for, this adage could not be further from the truth for our members.

We support Australian manufacturers in commercialising their ideas. Through our projects, we encourage deeper collaboration between industry and research partners for greater commercial outcomes, increase connections into global supply chains, and promote the development of advanced skills.

We provide matched funds to help Australian manufacturers move an idea more quickly to larger-scale research or commercialisation. So far, this funding is expected to result in over 2,100 new jobs and up to $900 million in revenue.

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