jobs projected

$137.2 million

committed (AMGC, industry and in kind)

$1.62 billion

in estimated revenue generated

AMGC Projects

AMGC co-funds industry projects to commercialise innovation. In this way, approved industry projects demonstrate how, and the techniques, Australian manufacturing can become more globally competitive. AMGC currently has one funding grant available:

Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund

The Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem (AME) Fund of $7.5 million seeks to build the advanced manufacturing ecosystem in the Northern Territory. The fund aims to grow advanced manufacturing capabilities and increase investment in and output of advanced manufacturing activity in the Northern Territory, and grow the number of advanced manufacturing jobs located in the Northern Territory.

The AME fund will provide grants to industry led advanced manufacturing projects located in the Northern Territory across the Territory’s priority sectors.
The AME fund has two funding streams:

Stream 1

Commercialise new products and processes, including transitioning a new product or process from prototype stage to full commercial operations

Stream 2

Support early stage, fast fail, grants to support small scale and pilot research projects in advanced manufacturing

​To apply for the AME fund, please click here to complete your online application through the Good Grants portal.

It is imperative that applicants review the Frequently Asked Questions below, review the sample project application, check eligible expenses, and become familiar with the merit criteria.

For project enquiries, please contact [email protected].

Understanding The Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund webinar