jobs projected

$66.8 million

committed (AMGC, industry and in kind)

$1.2 billion

in estimated revenue generated

AMGC Commercialisation Fund

AMGC co-funds industry projects to commercialise innovation. In this way, approved industry projects demonstrate how, and the techniques, Australian manufacturing can become more globally competitive.

AMGC’s Commercialisation Fund of $30 million is soon to be fully allocated. Therefore, we would urge you to complete your application and submit it as soon as possible. At the same time, this shortage in funding deems that the Fund has become more competitive in nature, and this means funding will be allocated to where applications show:

  • Significant job creation
  • Manufacturing of innovative products in Australia
  • Globally competitive products with export potential
  • Sound business models with good value propositions
  • Suitable finance arrangement to fund your portion of the project costs

AMGC’s Commercialisation Fund will co-fund projects that focus on the six National Manufacturing Priorities recently announced by the Australian Government as part of its Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

The National Manufacturing Priorities

Resources Technology & Critical Minerals Processing
Food & Beverage
Medical Products
Recycling & Clean Energy

To apply, please click here to complete your online application through the Good Grants portal.

It is imperative that applicants review the Frequently Asked Questions below, review the sample project application, check eligible expenses, and become familiar with the merit criteria.

For project enquiries, please contact [email protected].

Understanding The Commercialisation Fund webinar

Frequently Asked Questions

About AMGC commercialisation fund

Who is AMGC?

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) is an industry-led, not-for-profit organisation and is run by a team of industry experts. Its goal is to drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness across Australia’s manufacturing industry. For more information on AMGC, please click here.

Are non-Australian owned businesses eligible for co-funded grants?

The project leader/applicant must have an ACN which denotes that is a company registered in Australia. As such, wholly owned Australian companies will score higher against the Fund’s evaluation criteria.

I do not have a research partner; can I still apply?

Companies without a research partner are encouraged to apply, however companies collaborating with a Research Institution will score higher against the Fund’s evaluation criteria.

Are grants open to all Australian manufacturers?

Yes, providing they have an ACN.

What are the six national manufacturing priority areas for co-funding eligibility
  • Recycling & Clean Energy
  • Resources Technology & Critical Minerals Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical Equipment, Pharma
  • Defence
  • Space

For further information on the evaluation criteria and examples of eligible companies, refer to the Eligibility Tab of the application template found on the AMGC Good Grants Portal


What is meant by co-funding?

Co-funding, or matched funding, is where industry must match the co-funded grant from AMGC dollar-for-dollar, with AMGC funding to make up no more than 50 per-cent of total project cash value.

Project applicants CANNOT fund part or all the project from funds derived from other Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government sourced grants, or use in-kind (non-financial) contributions.

What is the minimum/maximum value of the grants?

The size of funding for each individual AMGC co-funded grant will be between $100,000 and $1million dollars, matched by industry.

What time period will I have to complete my project?

AMGC’s Commercialisation fund will seek projects with a 12–18-month completion timeline.

What information will I need to submit an application?

An example application can be sourced here.

When completing an application, please answer (in detail) the questions on the application template on the AMGC Good Grants portal.

Simple YES/NO answers will not be looked upon favourably.

Is there a limit to the number of grants I can apply for?

There is no limit to the number of applications however, in the interests of providing funding to as many manufacturers as possible, AMGC will not approve a second project until the first project is completed.

Is there a maximum business size (employees) for eligibility?

AMGC co-funded grants are intended to support family-owned small-to-medium enterprises with less than 200 full-time employees. However, all projects are judged on merit and larger organisations are eligible to apply.

How long will the grant assessment take?

It is anticipated that the entire process from application to awarding of funding will take three-months.

The initial Triage process will take one-month whereupon you will be advised that the project application has been declined (with reasons) or that it is proceeding to the Stage 2 of the approval process.

The second stage is expected to take two-months, providing the applicant delivers any requested additional information promptly.

If the project is approved by the AMGC Board, a project agreement will be issued. Funds will be available within two weeks of the signing of the project agreement.

Is the application process confidential?

Yes, AMGC and all Growth Centres are bound by the confidentiality provisions of the Commonwealth Government which can be found at the website and includes references to the Privacy Act 1988 and Right to Information Act 2009.

Can publicly listed entities apply?

Yes, privately held and public companies are eligible.

I operate outside one of the six priority areas, should I still apply?

At this point in time only projects satisfying one of the six National Manufacturing Priorities are eligible for the Commercialisation Grants.

Is there any recommendation for businesses outside the six priority areas in relation to grants?

We encourage you to register as a member with AMGC to stay up to date with the latest grant information if things change.

Am I able to see the application template before starting?

A sample of a project application can be downloaded here.

Is there an example of a successful application?

Yes, the sample project application provided in the above FAQ was a successful application.

What are the merit criteria?

The merit scoring criteria is the guide that will be used by the Triage Committee to assess your application. This merit criteria is available to view here. 

Who do I contact in case of technical problems or questions?

Please contact [email protected] or your applicable State Director.

How do I apply for an AMGC Commercialisation Fund grant?

To access the grant portal, register, and commence your application, please click here.

What is the role of AMGC?

AMGC and its representatives can provide general assistance regarding the fund, however AMGC staff are not responsible for developing the business’s project application.

Will activities already underway be considered eligible for assistance?

No. Only activities undertaken after the signing of the project agreement will be eligible for funding.

Do I need to have the matched funding contributions available up front?

Yes. You will also need to provide evidence in the form of financial statements to support your application if it proceeds to Stage 2 of the process.

Is my business eligible for funding if it is not registered for GST?


What expenses are eligible for funding?

Certain business expenses are eligible to be included in your funding application. A list of all eligible expenses is available here.

Can I apply if I only have an ABN?

No, AMGC encourages companies to have an ACN to prove Australian business registration

Can a company structure such as a trust apply?

Yes, a trust is eligible if it has an ACN

What is meant by collaboration partners. For example, is being a supplier enough to count as project collaborator?

Any organisation can be a project collaborator. For example, it can be a supplier, a customer, a research Institution, etc.

Is there a minimum number of project collaborators?

AMGC encourages collaboration and a minimum of three project collaborators, including a university or research institution.

What will AMGC require from successful grant applicants for media and communication purposes?

AMGC will ask the successful applicant to support the development of a case study and participate in any potential media opportunities. It may be asked to be a project reference site.

Do I and the project partners need to be AMGC members to apply for a grant?

Yes, providing they have an ABN. AMGC membership is open to all industry partners and is free.

Will a project that is mainly developing software be eligible?


What is the payment system for the grants, i.e. are the funds paid in advance or arrears?

Grants will be paid by milestones in advance