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Manufacture of an advanced integrated solution

Advanced integrated remote water monitoring and filtration solution

Rural and Remote Modular Housing Project

Affordable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly construction solutions

Sustainable Labelling and Packaging Technology

Northern Territory sustainable, and innovative labelling and packaging solution

Steeline Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Darwin

Stainless modular kitchen for remote housing

Innovative steel manufacturing capability in the Big Rivers region

High Pressure Sparge Production

PPI anti-block sparge

Algae Production Platform

Commercialisation of Algae Platform for Use in Food and Beverage Ingredients

Development of a Bionic Voice Device

Manufacturing Bionic Voice prosthesis for voice-loss patients

AoA Node

Design and manufacture of AoA Node

Plastic free compostable wet wipes

Medical Wet Wipes – Automated production facility

Laser-based inspection system

Laser-Based Inspection System for Dimensional Compliance of Medical Implants

Manufacturing of Tropical Insulated Panels

Tropical Insulated Panels

Air Tip Manufacturing Capacity Builder

Robotic steel fabrication ecosystem in Alice Springs

Diverseco Darwin Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Hub

Establishment of Diverseco Darwin Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Hub

Bouncee – reusable and collapsible insulated container

Particle Foam Packaging for the Circular Economy

Clean hydrogen power generators

Endua Hydrogen Energy Generation & Storage Systems

Smart Cathodic Protection Monitoring System

Local production, testing and optimisation facility for the Smart Cathodic Protection Monitoring System

Ammonium Perchlorate Sovereign Manufacturing

Australian manufacture of Ammonium Perchlorate propellant formula

Asparagopsis Commercialisation Project

Commercialisation of oil-based Asparagopsis stable food supplement for livestock to reduce digestive-related methane emissions

The Examin Covid Breath Test Device

Finalise development and bring to market a 2-minute Covid-19 breath test device

Sensor BOX for IOT Kanban system

Development of the Smart Box for Kanban system

Australian Processed Recyclate

Increasing recycling capacity and Australian manufacturing capability to manufacture greener infrastructure products

The Technofast Hydraulic Head Nut

Hydraulic Tensioning for Mining

Needle-free vaccination platform

Vaxxas Microprojection Array Patch Vaccine Platform

Thermal arc spray for fastening industry

Automating Thermal Arc Spray coatings for specialty fasteners

InfectID PCR platform

Establishing Sovereign Manufacture of a Rapid Security Sensitive Biological Agent diagnostic


Commercilisation of FaceWay

Manufacturing higher-value products to address problematic agricultural waste in the sugar industry

Development and Commercialisation of Mushroom Growbags and Ruminant Feed Stock

Designer Hardwood from Wood Residue

Sustainable quality wood

Land Based Military Vehicle Development

Defence vehicle powertrain development and installation

Atlas TEC Pallet Project

World-leading Technology Enhanced Circular (TEC) pallet solution

TPS Smart Digital Water Quality instrument

Commercialisation of an Australian Smart Digital Water Quality Instrument

Smart Orthotics Sensor Skin

Development of a smart shoe insole

Compostable stretch wrap at commercial scale

Producing compostable cling wrap from Australian food waste

Project Rainbow Python

Project Rainbow Python: Development, testing, integration, and launch of a system for onboard processing of hyperspectral satellite data


Development of the SolarConnect System

KoolPak Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacture of a recyclable thermal containers for the food cold chain

Commercialisation of MiCheck® Prostate

Bring to market MiCheck® Prostate, an algorithm driven in-vitro diagnostic test for aggressive prostate cancer enabling clinicians to assess the need for biopsy

Manufacture of portable Peritoneal Dialysis Device

Manufacturing and validation of portable peritoneal dialysis system

Commercialisation and operate large-scale XRT sorting operations for tungsten recovery

Commercialise advanced technologies for tungsten recovery from mine waste and low-grade deposits

Research into recyclable plastic moulded J-pole

The Investigation of the Sustainability of Recyclable Plastic J-Poles

REMi – Sleep Secure

Commercialisation of REMi – Sleep Secure

Development and Implementation of Next Generation of Polymer Injection Technology in Steel Manufacturing

Implementation of Next Gen of Green Steel technology

Magneto Modular Deployment Platform – Magneto MDP

Development of Magneto Modular Deployment Platform

ZetiGate: Connecting the Food & Beverage Supply Chain

Commercialisation of the ZetiGate

Scaling of detection devices through automation for rapid commercialisation

The mDetect scanning system

Pilot Manufacturing Plant for Direct Production of Alloy Powders

Kinaltek Technology for metal alloy powders

Develop Australia’s first high performance electric motorcycle

Development of Australian battery electric motorcycles

Infinite Plastic Recycling – Solving the Plastics Crisis

Unique enzyme technology for plastic recycling

Manufacture of the Zella Stack

Development of a new composite modular computer data centre racking system

Commercialisation of Quality Systems

Commercialisation of Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing for Enhanced Sovereign Capability

Manufacture of a Hybrid Airconditioning System

Design of an Ultra-High Efficiency and Lightweight Hybrid Airconditioning System

Development of the Nurochek Pro

Development of the Nurochek Pro, Brain Injury Assessment Device for US and AUS markets

Re-shoring Manufacturing of CT200i Smart Gateway Product

Development and commercialisation of the CT200i Smart Gateway product

Manufacture of the Hone Global digital hand-held lab device

Design and manufacture of a handheld, cost-effective, whole-of-farm analyser for farmers, grain traders and agronomists

The development of the AxIT Rehab system

Digital assessment system for monitoring of injuries and rehabilitation

Manufacture and commercialisation of X-ray trolley

Ultra mobile x-ray trolley

Development of a self-contained all-in-one calibrated hydrogen and oxygen supplementation solution

Hydrogenated water infusion machine to improve the health and commercial value of wild caught, and farmed finfish

The commercialisation of a novel range of nutraceutical gummy-chews for dogs and cats

Commercialisation nutraceutical gummies for dogs and cats

The development of ElectroBank 14

Cost down all-in-one solar battery power converter and its commercialisation through Australian partners

The development of MeltFilters

Australian Plastic Recycling MeltFilters

Development of a world-class hydrogen fuel-cell manufacturing plant

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Manufacturing in Australia

Pilot lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant

Pilot plant to develop processes and workforce skills to manufacture lithium-ion battery systems

Development of Type IV and Type V Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Tanks

Manufacture and Commercialisation of Composite Tanks for the Hydrogen Transport and Space Markets

Manufacture of the revolutionary GlydeIT™ system

Design and manufacture of a revolutionary tampon delivery system

Manufacture of the Virulizer COVID-19 testing unit

Manufacturing design and validation of portable rapid COVID-19 antigen testing unit (‘Virulizer’) and test strips for asymptomatic cases

Manufacture of Loupe Mark II

Pre-production manufacturing design and validation of portable electromagnetic system for shallow conductivity profiling

The development of Forever-use bottles

Turning Single-Use Plastic into Forever-Use via Recycling, Refilling & Reusing

Manufacture and Commercialisation of Plant Based Protein Ingredients

Manufacture of Australian ingredients to create novel plant-based meat products

Manufacture of energy efficient PVT Coolsheet system

Manufacture and Commercialisation of the Coolsheet PVT Heat Exchanger system at scale

Chabriat concrete conveyance system

Chabriat system demonstrated in an operational environment

LAVO hydrogen energy storage system

Set-up of a manufacturing facility and the commercialisation of the LAVO Hydrogen Energy Storage System

Miniature thermoelastic stress analysis camera

Development of mini-format thermal camera for thermoelastic stress monitoring

Industry 4.0 Smart Factory

Upgrade Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Capability

Manufacture of lightfield 3D retinal imaging system

Develop a 3D-RPS Retinal Plenoptoscope Lightfield Fundus Camera

Limbic scaffolding for advanced support cobots

Validating ‘limbic scaffolding’ AI software to enable faster development and integration of cobots and robots

Robotic laser dental device

Development of the Dentroid® robotic laser dental device

Manufacture of superior lithium-ion battery (LIB)

Initial feasibility testing of FELINE’s novel lithium-ion battery (LIB) cell format architecture

3D printing for customised clothing

Validation of 3D-printing technology for mass-customisation of garments in the global clothing manufacturing industry

Closed Loop Manufacturing

Implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to deliver Closed Loop Manufacturing (CLM)

Augmented reality inspection system for printed circuit board manufacturing

Augmented reality automated optical inspection (AugmentAOI) for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing

Manufacture of RPCVD machine

Manufacture of a large-area Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) machine

Development of Segnut FIRST system

Development of an advanced industrial bolting system for improved safety and speed in the resource sector

Manufacture of dual-lens fishing camera

Design and development of the dual-lens Siren fishing camera

Palm vein biometric scanning solution

Manufacturing the next generation of a palm vein biometric scanning solution

Automation of Oyster Packaging and Certification of Provenance

Automation of Oyster Packaging and Certification of Provenance

Manufacturing of high-value algae species

Scale up of a biorefinery platform to manufacture high-value algae species

Emblaser3 – worlds first safe portable laser cutting device

Manufacturing of Safe Portable Laser Cutting Machines Suitable for STEM Education

3D Printed Metal & Carbon Fibre Customised Wheelchair

Development of a digitally designed lightweight 3D printed/carbon fibre customised wheelchair

Advanced manufacturing of lightweight carbon fibre body composite armour

Advanced manufacturing process validation for composite carbon fibre body armour and commercialisation through global value chain partners

On-shore Manufacture of Notus Vivere Invasive Ventilators for COVID-19 Patients

On‐shore Manufacture of Notus Vivere Invasive Ventilators for Covid‐19 Patients based on Smiths Medical license.

Reshoring and manufacture of Seabin 6.0

Reshoring manufacture of Seabin smart systems together with incorporation of IoT connectivity

Compressed air powered uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for underground mines

Development, testing and production of a compressed air powered Intrinsically Safe UPS for underground mines and hazardous atmospheres.

Solid fuel rocket propellant and solid rocket motors

Manufacture of solid fuel rocket propellant and solid rocket motors (SRM’s)

3D printing of anatomical tissue

Additive Manufacturing of anatomical training models

Supercapacitor electrode materials

Manufacturing of roll-to-roll supercapacitor electrode materials for powering next-generation IoT devices

Production scaling of orthotics

Manufacture of Thermoplastic Poly-Urethane (TPU) top covers and Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) base replacements

Active Wheel Alignment System

Scaling DOFTEK’s Active Wheel Alignment System for the global automotive market

Elevating Additive Manufacturing

Development of a multifaceted bottom-up resin additive manufacturing platform for industrial applications

Composite-wound rocket tanks

Developing Composite-wound Tanks for Space Vehicles

Battery monitoring system

Development of an IoT-based battery monitoring system

Cutting Tools using Additive Manufacturing

Hybrid manufacture of complete cutting tools

Heat to electricity engine

Pilot-scale demonstration of heat to electricity engine

Lithium iron phosphate manufacturing

Improving the cost of lithium iron phosphate manufacturing

Thermally bonded geocomposite material

Re-shoring thermally bonded geocomposite manufacturing

The Smart Think

Automated crash helmet manufacturing with ubiquitous data acquisition and management

Load orientation solution

Development and manufacturing of solutions for accurate orientation of wind turbine blades

Artificial Intelligence Countermeasures

Real-time Artificial Intelligence Countermeasures for Production Anomalies

Curing technology

Automated out-of-autoclave curing technology for Aerospace Applications

Wine-bottling hardware

Design and prototyping of ‘smart’ anti-counterfeit wine-bottling hardware

High Purity Alumina manufacturing process

Validation of an innovative high purity alumina manufacturing process and verification of a commercial plant design

Servitisation platform

Servitisation platform to enhance global competitiveness

Manufacturing of liquid graphene

Development of graphene powder into a range of graphene fluid dispersions

“Drop-in” fuel

Commissioning of pilot plant to covert bio-solids into “drop-in” fuel

Electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft

Filament wound and advanced composite structures for Vertiia – an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft and Test flight of the assembled prototype

Product lifestyle management system

Digitalisation of manufacturing process and SME supply chain integration

Full Customisable 3D-printed bicycle

Increasing Australian SME Manufacturers’ ability to Digitally Integrate into Global Supply Chains

Lithium ion battery module

Design of a safe, hot-climate lithium-ion battery (LiB) module and associated automated advanced manufacturing production process

Omni Road Tanker

Development of a prototype road tanker unit for validation and commercialisation in the US market

Global supply chain integration

Increasing Australian SME Manufacturers’ ability to Digitally Integrate into Global Supply Chains

Digitisation for Manufacturing SMEs

Acceleration of innovative IIoT technology take-up by 50 Australian manufacturing SMEs

Industry 4.0 pilot

Industry 4.0 audit of 12 manufacturing SMEs to assessing their readiness to integrate digital technology into their manufacturing processes

Advanced fibre bandages

Advanced Fibre for targeted delivery of bio-active molecules to treat chronic wounds

Wear plate sensing system

Commercialisation of a prototype wear plate sensing system for the global mining industry via a servitisation business model

Predictive machine health monitoring

Development and pilot of a machine health monitoring system that can predict unplanned stoppages

AI Robotic welding technology

Development of a demonstration cell that showcases artificial intelligence technology

Conveyor table and motion-control system

Developing a ‘Smart Factory’ conveyor table and motion control system for global logistics applications

Value from solid wine waste

Drawing value from solid wine waste by developing and demonstrating a small-scale pilot plant and designing an industrial-scale production plant

Industry 4.0 digitisation of SME infrastructure

Industry 4.0 realisation via digitisation of existing SME manufacturing infrastructure and IIoT augmentation of manufacturing equipment

Innovative crutch wear

Mine site testing of innovative crutch wear on hoist chains for mining dragline machines

World leading composite manufacturing process

Development of a customised software package that facilitates the design and manufacture of complex components with a reduced occurrence of defects

Plastic bottle redesign

Design project with the objective of reshoring the manufacturing of a customers plastic injection moulded bottle range to Australia

Carbon fibre composite fender

A low-cost carbon fibre composite fender for the European automotive market

Carbon Composite Cycle Wheels

Upscaling of 36T’s manufacturing capability and commercialisation of a ‘multi-material’ bicycle wheel via global value chain partners

Integrated CNC Robot

Transitioning a locally developed prototype of an integrated CNC robot to production ready status

MRI Coil Set

Optimisation of MRI coil set manufacturer to achieve scale

Customised Prescription Eyewear

Implementing an automated production system to scale-up manufacturing of mass-customised prescription eyewear for a global consumer market

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete

Production of pedestrian bridge and validation of new construction material for the global supply chain

Corrugated Metal Sheet Bending

A manufacturing process for bending corrugated metal sheets, and its commercialisation through global value chain partners

Dassault Systems Virtual Shipyard

Industry 4.0 maturity program to raise the global digital supply chain readiness of Australian manufacturing SMEs

Remote Monitoring Software

Accelerated development of CleanPath software to provide remote monitoring of Smartline endoscope drying cabinets

Digitised Manufacturing Value Chain

Short interval decision making via an industry 4.0 application

Water Purification Unit

A cloud-connected potable water purification unit for remote communities and disaster relief

Customised Orthotics

A mass-manufacturing process for customised orthotics

High-Strength Aluminium Alloy

Validation and demonstration of a high-strength aluminium alloy

Concrete Column Building System

Validation of a prototype system for manufacturing and installing structural concrete columns in multi-storey buildings