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Manufacture of RPCVD machine

Project description and overview:

In an increasingly connected world, the demand for smarter, more powerful, and efficient electronics, delivered at lower-cost and higher-volume, continues to grow. This demand is starting to test the limitations of the incumbent manufacturing technology. This project aims to drive the commercial adoption of a game-changing Australian invention for the manufacture of semiconductor electronics such as Laser Diodes, LEDs, and microLEDs around the globe. The successful execution of the project will place Australia’s technical leadership of plasma deposition technologies at the global forefront, in readiness for this continued industry growth.

BluGlass’ breakthrough deposition technology called Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) is a revolutionary, low temperature approach for the manufacture of semiconductor materials such as gallium nitride (GaN) at lower temperatures to create higher performing devices at lower cost. BluGlass has validated the RPCVD technology on 2-inch circular wafers, and now aims to increase the uniform deposition area suitable for up to 12-inch wafers in order to meet customer demand and scale up production. 

The RPCVD technology, because of its low temperature and highly flexible nature, offers many potential benefits over existing technologies. These benefits include higher efficiency, lower cost, and substrate flexibility including GaN on silicon.


  • Increased spending on R&D
  • Increased collaboration with other manufacturers
  • Increased collaboration with research institutions
  • Larger patent portfolio
  • Better qualified employees
  • Increased number of staff with STEM skills
  • Greater share of services
  • Higher trade intensity
  • Larger geographical reach


BluGlass economic scenarios – GaN laser diodes target revenue

  • BluGlass’ target revenues for its laser diode business (subject to a number of economic scenarios) are estimated to grow to (AU$M) $40M* – $74M** by FY2025.
  • *Downside revenue target is based on a delay in the attainment of certain technical milestones that reduces the number of laser diode products for sale or slower customer demand and market growth.
  • **Upside revenue target is based on the timely achievement of BluGlass’ technical milestones and accelerated customer demand and market growth


  • During this project, BluGlass will employ 9 highly skilled engineers and scientists to deliver the project milestones
  • On successful completion of the project, BluGlass estimates up to 50 new jobs will be created

Government Funds: $250,000​ | Industry: $250,000 | In-Kind: $421,116

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