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Land Based Military Vehicle Development

Project description and overview:

Australia has a shortage of sovereign capability in engineering for land-based military vehicle with respect to powertrain development.

This project will allow Premcar to solve the problem of not having export-ready versions of land-based military vehicles. This project will mean that such vehicles will be optimised to access export markets and meet ADF requirements. Additionally, Premcar’s capabilities will be expanded to be appropriate for a number of different land-based military vehicles.

This project will include the installation of a latest-technology powertrain into an existing vehicle, thereby making the vehicle suitable and ready to capture an export opportunity. The powertrain includes the following components:

  • Air Intake System
  • Exhaust System
  • Engine Charge Air Cooler System
  • Engine Mounting
  • Engine lubrication system
  • Electrical Wiring system
  • Engine control integration
  • Engine cooling integration
  • Fuel system integration

These items will be developed and manufactured in Australia and complement the Cummins engine imported from Cummins USA. By delivering this engineering program, Premcar will develop sovereign engineering and manufacturing capabilities to support land based military vehicle development and production in Australia.

Premcar will add sovereign capability in the area of defence vehicle powertrain engineering to existing product development and manufacturing capabilities, incorporating the unique requirements presented by vehicles for military application. By doing so, Premcar will be the only Australian-based organisation with this comprehensive suite of skills.


  • Increased collaboration with other manufacturers
  • Increased spending on R&D
  • Increased number of staff with science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) skills
  • Better qualified employees
  • Higher marketing expenditure
  • Higher trade intensity
  • More extensive backward links
  • Larger geographical reach


  • Premcar has forecast $5.25M in revenue over 5 years


  • This project is projected to upskill and create an additional 60 jobs during the project and within one year after project completion

Government Funds: $699,931 | Industry: $699,931 | In-Kind: $131,500

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