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Concrete Column Building System

Project description and overview:

This project seeks to validate a prototype system for installing structural concrete columns in multi-storey commercial building projects. The core activity of this project includes refinement of product design, comprising interlocking steel and plastic components that form a concrete mould for weight bearing columns, then demonstrating the construction system via a multi-storey building project managed by Piety.

OZM has developed a patent pending concrete column building system where pre-fabricated steel moulds are used to accelerate the concrete pouring process. The construction time of multi-storey buildings is reduced through the combined utilisation of prefabricated products, enhanced processes and a service orientated business model.

The steel columns are produced by using roll formed steel components and a patented system of plastic connecting clips. The unique design profile of the roll formed steel components allows a modularised system that achieves any desired column size, shape and structural engineering specifications. The IP is in the design and interaction of the roll formed steel components and the fastening clips.

On conclusion of the project OZM will have increased Technology Readiness Level from (TRL 4), a prototype in a test environment, through to (TRL 7), technology validation in an operational environment. To realise this opportunity OZM must now:

  1. Refine design and validate the system in an operational environment, including production of tooling and rollforming equipment used to produce the steel column components
  2. Develop an advanced business model for export that optimises servitisation opportunities through licensing the OZM IP and selling specialised roll forming equipment to large international concrete formwork subcontracting firms

Achievement of these two steps will enable the OZM IP to be commercialised in terms of manufacturing revenue, employment and investment. The project will provide OZM with the necessary manufacturing processes and equipment to begin low rate production and marketing of the concrete column building system to the construction industry. The OZM system will scale globally via licensing and service agreements to construction firms.

The OZM system provides advantages over traditional methods of construction, including time, safety, waste reduction and cost.

If successful, this project will provide the Australian Manufacturing sector a tangible demonstration of the early stage technology development and testing of innovative new products, which is the result of industry and research collaboration.


  • Higher spending on R&D to refine the design of the steel columns and plastic components to improve performance
  • Larger patent portfolio
  • Collaboration with The University of Wollongong to test the structural performance of the profiled metal columns
  • Newer equipment which is required to manufacture the steel column components


  • $15 – $20 million per annum in manufacturing revenue and $1 million in licensing revenue
  • $200 million per annum from taking a 1% stake in the global formwork industry (medium term)


  • Additional 5-10 skilled jobs at Ozwall Manufacturing, including appointment of research engineers in 2–3 years
  • An additional >50 jobs across domestic supply chain in 2–3 years

Government Funds: $159,725 | Industry: $159,725 In-Kind $10,000

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Metsquare Pty. Ltd