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Remote Monitoring Software

Project description and overview:

The air systems in Smartline’s cabinets use patented technology to ensure the complete drying and storage of endoscopes used in colonoscopy and gastroscopy hospital operations. These cabinets are well designed and already a proven brand in several markets with only basic data functions attached. To help hospitals to comply easier with the new standard, Smartline is developing its CleanPath data system which provides cleaning validation in a digitised form.

The AMGC Sector Competitiveness Plan highlighted the critical role that servitisation plays in enabling Australian manufacturers to enter the global supply chain. This project exemplifies the utilisation of IT enabling high-quality servitisation on data transmitted by software allowing Smartline technicians in Australia to provide analysis to remote or overseas clients. This value proposition provides an aspirational benchmark for other Australian manufacturing entities and Smartline is prepared to share the concept of this servitisation feature which demonstrates the utilisation of Australia’s cost advantages in high-skilled labour.

This project will provide the Australian Manufacturing Sector a tangible demonstration of the development and commercialisation of leading IP, and will enable Smartline and its project partners to transform their technology and their business into a globally competitive Australian manufacturing business. The shift from being a basic manufacturer of cabinets to advance on the Industry 4.0 pathway and manufacture digitally enabled equipment for hospitals represents a significant shift to compete on value.


  • Creation of a world’s-first patented technology that improves sterilisation and storage of endoscopes in hospitals 
  • Advanced knowledge achieved through increased ICT intensity, including the ability to remotely monitor the performance of sterilisation equipment 
  • An advanced business model achieved through services having a greater share in total revenue. enabled by remote monitoring services and maintenance 
  • A greater number of staff members with STEM skills 


  • $11.5 million (25% in CleanPath software sales) over the next four years 
  • $25 million per year ($6.25 million from CleanPath software) with a 5% market share in the US 


  • 15 high-skilled manufacturing personnel 
  • Three software engineers and data analysts 

Government Funds: $150,000 | Industry: $150,000 | In-Kind $40,000

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