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Artificial Intelligence Countermeasures

Project description and overview:

This project will deliver automated real-time countermeasures to address manufacturing production anomalies as and when they arise within manufacturing operations. The project will demonstrate the technology in four project participants.

The solution will act as an operational “co-pilot” that provides AI generated recommendations that can be applied by the human operations team to optimally and efficiently resolve production issues in real-time.

This project will demonstrate the convergence of AI, IIoT devices, advanced simulation, cloud computing, and analytics. Real-time process monitoring via IIoT sensors (where PLC/SCADA automation or MES do not exist) to model productive time on equipment and count production quantities will feed live data into the Ailytic cloud-based AI and simulation engine. The engine will identify anomalies, explore simulated anomaly permutations and recommend optimised actions to improve workflows and counteract adverse real-time events.

This countermeasure capability will deliver more than standard manual or optimised deviation management of traditional decision support tools and will attempt to anticipate likely issues impacting production, predict production rate changes and provide pre-prepared alternate scenarios that production management can rapidly execute to achieve plan compliance.

Upon project conclusion, each of the project partner manufacturers will have demonstrated the generation of real-time AI scheduling and countermeasure recommendations in their respective operational environments via a production pilot.



Government Funds: $224,370 | Industry: $224,370 | In-Kind: $43,200