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3D printing of anatomical tissue

Project description and overview:

This project will develop and field-test novel methods for extending the haptic and tactile properties of 3D printed replica human tissues for use in surgical training models.

Fusetec 3D recently released the world’s-first 3D-printed sinus model that accurately replicates the tactile and haptic characteristics that surgeons would experience when operating on a human patient. The 3D sinus model is available with a range of pathologies to enhance surgical training scenarios. However, the models already push the boundaries of currently available high-end commercial 3D printing technologies.

While Fusetec 3D’s sinus model has already been broadly accepted by leading ENT surgeons around the world, the tactile and haptic fidelity required to accurately replicate certain other human tissues is not achievable using off-the-shelf 3D printing technologies. This project seeks to augment commercially available additive manufacturing technologies with other techniques and processes to achieve the material characteristics necessary to replicate a range of human tissue types for use in high-fidelity surgical training scenarios.


  • Increased collaboration with research institutions
  • More staff with STEM skills
  • Optimised automation and energy efficiency
  • Broader export-focused product portfolio
  • Larger geographical reach


  • Fusetec 3D projects 20X growth by 2024


This project will generate the following increase in skilled employment:

  • Fusetec 3D – During: Two, Post Project: Six
  • University of South Australia – During: Two
  • University of Adelaide – During: One

Government Funds: $183,344 | Industry: $183,344 | In-Kind: $28,000

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