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Thermally bonded geocomposite material

Project description and overview:

Geocomposites and geotextiles are used for soil stabilisation in landfill, dams, water, roadways and mining tailings dams where steep inclines are encountered in these applications.

Geofabrics is proposing to develop a new “commercial grade” thermally bonded geocomposite material with superior technical performance characteristics and cost competitiveness. The thermal bonded geocomposite will have the following competitive advantages compared to existing imported products:

  • Higher bond strength
  • Improved drainage performance
  • Capability to manufacture to project specific requirements such as length and width
  • Cost competitive product from reduced manufacturing costs

The cost benefit to the customer using the Geofabrics’ thermal bonded geocomposite will be:

  • Reduced project installation cost – soil is added to the top of the geocomposite to achieve the filtration specification.
  • Improved project implementation costs – by eliminating lead times of imported product and providing higher level of responsiveness, Geofabrics can react to changes in project specification or requirements

The project will involve the following stages:

  • Finalise prototype development
  • Trials of commercial scale machinery that has the capability for manufacturing at full scale
  • Design and trials of automation and robotic technology for high risk (manual handling and high temperature operating zones) tasks



  • Introduce Australian capabilities for the manufacture of thermal bonded laminate geocomposites to replace imports
  • Introduce additional revenue opportunities for export of the new and more competitively priced product
  • Improved product performance in the field due to use of different technology (thermal bonding)
  • Use of automation and robotic technology to operate high risk tasks and make processes more efficient


  • A revenue increase of $3 million annually is expected to be delivered


  • Geofabrics currently have 45 people working at the Albury manufacturing site and 35 people at the Ormeau site. The project will play an important role in developing the technical skillset in advanced manufacturing and automation for North-East Victoria and Murray region in NSW. The availability of these gained technical skills will provides an indirect assistance to other manufacturing organisations in the region.

Government Funds: $322,000 | Industry: $322,000 | In-Kind: $110,000


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