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Servitisation platform

Project description and overview:

Safetech’s goal is to develop an interface that delivers equipment and job flow information in a format that is flexible and suited to individual customer needs. This interface must be adaptable by Safetech for new customers and to the changing requirements of established customers. The project will utilise IMF (project participant) sensors, hardware, and possibly their software if it is flexible and capable enough to meet all of Safetech’s requirements.

The Safetech Information Management System – SIMS Plus will allow:

  • Real time feedback from a range of sensors installed on their lifting and door equipment that will detect out-of-parameter incidents
  • Real time product diagnostics and analytics which will provide predictive maintenance data for more efficient uses of customer resources
  • Customers to access workflow data to improve their operating efficiency, lower their maintenance costs and improve future equipment purchasing decisions

This project aims to make this detailed workflow information and problem solving capability widely available to service all their customers. Enhanced visibility over operations, real time KPIs, better scheduling and increased product performance feedback will all help their customers to generate greater operational insight and increase the value of Safetech’s equipment to their end users.



  • Increased collaboration with research institutions
  • Greater share of services in the total revenue through the selling of software
  • Larger geographical reach
  • Flexibility of maintenance cost by using a predictive maintenance schedule


  • $1m per annum of new product from one major retailer alone if use becomes mandatory, increasing to $5m per annum with other retailers
  • Between $1m and $1.3m in software sales to mining companies, in addition to the $525k each in hardware unit sales


  • 12 product engineers
  • Two control engineers
  • Three production engineers
  • Two draftsmen
  • 13 technical sales plus specialist marketers

Government Funds: $250,000 | Industry: $250,000 | In-Kind: $27,000

Project Collaborators

  + Major retailers and resource companies