Pre-fab Innovation Hub

The Pre-fab Innovation Hub was announced by Karen Andrews, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology on 16 June 2019 to support Australia’s manufacturing and building and construction sections. It is expected that the new lab would support work on a wide range of buildings, including tiny houses, larger homes and offices and strengthen Australia’s position in the global prefabricated building market.

As part of the funding agreement with the Commonwealth, AMGC must first undertake a feasibility study for a manufactured building hub for the prefabricated building industry. The feasibility study will describe the requirements for the establishment of the Hub. If the Commonwealth approves the establishment of the Hub, then the grant allows the development and implementation of the Hub to deliver the following outcomes:

  • support links between the construction and manufacturing sectors to enable businesses to benefit from advanced manufacturing processes
  • support new technologies and innovations enabling the transformation of the industry to provide smarter, more affordable and more sustainable construction solutions for Australians
  • grow the manufactured buildings eco-system to improve business capability to incorporate advanced technologies and processes within industry

Request for submissions

AMGC is seeking submissions to support the development of the feasibility study.

  • All submissions should include a response to the three outcomes described above
  • All submissions must be emailed to [email protected] before 31st October 2019

Prefab Innovation Hub Industry Workshop

AMGC is inviting companies to provide input to the feasibility study for establishing a national Prefab Innovation Hub to support Australia’s manufacturing and construction industry. The workshop facilitator will present a range of key topics for your feedback and advice during the two-hour session. Participants should have senior industry experience in prefabricated construction and/or manufacturing industries.

Information on workshops can be found on AMGC’s event page

For more information on the Prefab Innovation Lab please contact:

Tim Gibson, AMGC Director Operations, [email protected]

Media Release: Pre-fab innovation lab for building industry