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World leading composite manufacturing process

Project description and overview:

This project seeks to address a global challenge amongst composite manufacturers, by aiming to reduce the occurrence of defects arising from resin shrinkage during composite manufacture and maximise surface finish quality out of the mould. Successful execution of this project will lower the failure rate of complex component manufacture, reduce manufacturing cycle times and enhance capabilities in modelling and simulation of composite materials.

Understanding how to control this fundamental problem and eliminate it will create a sustained competitive advantage via technical leadership and increases international recognition to the composite manufacturing industry in Australia.

Project outcomes will be the development of a customised software package the facilitates the design and manufacture of complex components with a reduced occurrence of these defects for the production of Sykes Boats and Carbon Revolution Wheels.

The project will help ensure Australian composite manufacturers remain globally competitive. The tools, knowledge and protocols developed during this project increase Australia’s composite manufacturing value offering – enabling the design and manufacture of complex composite solutions at a quality and consistency not available elsewhere.

If successful, this project will provide the Australian Manufacturing Sector a tangible demonstration of the development and commercialisation of new, world-leading composite manufacturing processes using custom software modelling and Australian ingenuity. Industry wide impact will continue through Deakin’s engagement with project participants and other firms seeking to adopt advanced process in complex composite manufacturing, as well as ongoing education of postgraduate students in advanced process for complex composites in industry.


  • Increased spending on R&D to develop a software that improves understand of and reduces the occurrence of resin shrinkage
  • Increased research collaboration with Deakin University, to reduce the occurrence of defects
  • Manufacturing process development with Carbon Revolution which provides specific expertise in composite manufacturing
  • Advanced processes achieved by implementing new manufacturing techniques that reduce defects and the need for repairs
  • Growth in the patent portfolio


  • $4-5 million per year in new sales


  • Five to 10 high-skilled jobs

Government Funds: $80,000 | Industry: $80,000 | In-Kind $474,166

Project Collaborators

Geelong Advanced Fibre Cluster