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Industry 4.0 Smart Factory

Project description and overview:

This project will enable REDARC in collaboration with the other project participants to accelerate the adoption of advanced Industry 4.0 capabilities throughout its Adelaide-based manufacturing operations, thereby allowing REDARC and other SME’s to capture a greater proportion of global defence and export opportunities that exist in the immediate term. REDARC has recently invested in a substantial factory expansion; AMGC’s co-funding will enable planned advanced manufacturing benefits to be brought forward and to be a leading Australian-owned mid-sized manufacturer addressing global market opportunities.

Currently, there are few local examples or pathways to effectively apply I4.0 knowledge in the local SME context. How I4.0 delivers value for Australian SME manufacturers is still emerging. Early adopters must invest disproportionately in order to de-risk the execution and gain first mover advantages. The funding from AMGC is crucial to help reduce this cost and risk, allowing REDARC to move earlier with confidence. REDARC recognises it cannot just do this work on I4.0 internally but also must lead this new knowledge transfer to its local strategic suppliers. Sharing outcomes and case studies with the broader Australian industry from this early adoption will help the project participants and many other Australian companies to better understand what is possible in Australia through the outcomes and lessons developed in REDARC’s I4.0 program.

This project will further develop REDARC’s workforce, Industry 4.0 technology adoption, and business processes through collaboration with key supply chain partners and expert local service providers. Five complementary activities are proposed:

  1. Predictive alerts: Interactive and automated statistical process controls
  2. Quality alerts: Real-time production cell digital assistance
  3. Design and validation of future production cells using Augmented Reality
  4. Capability audit: Industry 4.0 maturity re-assessment
  5. Training: Development and delivery of Industry 4.0 staff and supply chain training modules hosted on AMGC’s Manufacturing Academy.


  • Increased spending on R&D
  • Increased information and communication (ICT) technology
  • Increased collaboration with other manufacturers
  • Increased number of staff with STEM skills
  • Better qualified employees
  • Increased levels of automation
  • Smarter inventory management
  • Newer equipment


  • REDARC’s 2025 strategic plan aims to drive product portfolio growth with a focus on export and defence markets.


This project is projected to create additional employment as follows:

  • REDARC: Two staff during, 20 staff post-project (by 2025)
  • Other: Fourteen staff post-project (by 2025)

Government Funds: $397,770​ | Industry: $397,770 | In-Kind: $8,000