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Carbon Composite Cycle Wheels

Project description and overview:

36T has developed patented ‘Multi-material’ technology for manufacturing highly optimised components that integrate multiple advanced materials. This project seeks to scale-up the manufacturing processes and production capabilities of 36T. This will be demonstrated by taking a prototype ‘Multi-material’ cycle wheel through to commercialisation.

To validate the manufacturing processes, 36T will produce an ‘off-tool’ sample, which represents the starting point for commercial production of a high-performance cycle wheel for elite and affluent cyclists. The ‘Multi-material’ cycle wheel achieves a 30% weight reduction without compromising component strength, aerodynamics and material integrity.

Following validation of 36T’s manufacturing capability, the company will pursue opportunities in adjacent growth sectors to position 36T as an international leader in multi-materials manufacturing. In addition to cycle wheels, 36T will exploit its technical leadership and production capability across other global value chains, including defence, automotive and consumer products.

To realise this opportunity, 36T must:

  1. Create and verify production-ready tooling for cycle wheels
  2. Develop a robotic manufacturing cell for production of ‘Multi-material’ products.

This project concludes with testing and validation of the off-tool samples and is the point at which 36T becomes production-ready.

Once these two steps are achieved, 36T cycle wheels endeavour to realise an increased manufacturing capacity, export revenues, supply chain integration of Australian SME’s together with increased skills and employment.


  • Advanced processes through increased ICT intensity and increased use of robotic production
  • Advanced knowledge achieved through increased collaboration with university researchers in developing complex new products
  • Increased diversity applying multi-materials technology across multiple product segments, services offering and geographies
  • More collaboration with other manufacturers
  • A greater number of staff members with STEM skills


  • $12–$15 million in global sales by 2020


  • 13 to 20 full-time positions at 36T
  • Five to 10 (or more) positions in 36T’s supply chain

Government Funds: $175,000 | Industry: $267,000 | In-Kind: $45,400

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