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Manufacture of dual-lens fishing camera

Project description and overview:

Unlike other sports or recreational activities, it is currently impossible for anglers to simultaneously record themselves and their game (the fish) with self-footage of their sporting experience.

There are currently four respectable fishing cameras on the market which record the fish capture, but all four options are single-facing and permanent fixtures, meaning they are knotted onto the line.This results in an intrusive image which deters fish and fatally, when the line snaps for any reason above the camera knot, the expensive camera is subsequently lost.

Siren Cameras, in collaboration with its project partners in Australia, has designed and patented a bespoke dual-lens floating action camera to supplement consumer desire for visually documented footage of their fishing experiences. The Siren camera offers a solution while satisfying the deep-rooted anglers desire to visualise trophy fish and themselves throughout their encounters. Once a fish has taken the bait, the angler attaches the Siren camera to the fishing line with a simple clip attachment, whereupon the camera slides down the line before settling on the surface due to its buoyancy and deliberately engineered stable design. This offers recreational anglers a radical new perspective of their fishing experiences, with its dual-facing lens views delivering never seen before insights through video content.

Siren Cameras are committed to supporting fishing sustainability throughout the fishing community and have developed an innovative environmental sustainability use for their product in the form of a mobile App which not only transmits the video footage through Wi-Fi, but also collects vital data.

There is a global issue around sustainable fishing and  aligning understanding or agreements of fish stock health within coastal fisheries. Disputes exist because fishing sustainability groups and the recreational fishing communities do not collaborate well regarding information sharing. Fundamentally there is no robust data exchange mechanism available to empower these groups with sufficient statistics to make agreed conclusions of fish stock levels, trends, migration patterns, health, etc.

The Wi-Fi connected fishing App being developed by Siren Cameras will provide robust data sets to overcome the inadequate information currently impeding the rational control of marine resources.

Fisheries management decisions are often based on population models, but the models need quality data to be accurate. Scientists and fishery managers would be better served with simpler models and improved data which the Siren camera will deliver.


  • Increased spending on R&D
  • Increased collaboration with other manufacturers
  • Higher information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Increased levels of automation
  • Greater share of services in total revenue
  • Higher marketing expenditure


  • Siren Cameras forecast to sell over 2.8 million cameras units cumulatively within the first 10 full financial years of trade, ranging from 1,150 units in Year 1, to 693,000 units by Year 10.  


  • During the project, Siren Cameras will employ an additional two staff for the Android / iOS Application build
  • It is expected that several additional staff will be employed within local parts suppliers

Government Funds: $178,250 | Industry: $178,250 | In-Kind: $60,000

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