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Chabriat concrete conveyance system

Project description and overview:

Chabriat has developed and tested a ground-breaking new hose design which can convey ready-mix concrete with greatly reduced friction. This is the fundamental innovation upon which a revolutionary new concrete conveyance cycle can be built which requires vastly reduced machinery bulk and brings about major manual handing improvements from reduced onsite lifting demands.

The Chabriat concrete pumping equipment is less than 20% of the size and weight of conventional line pumping equipment. It weighs approximately 450 kg in total, compared to the approximately 2,700 kg load of a conventional hydraulic pump used for similar jobs. The Chabriat equipment does not need to be transported by a specialised truck and can be integrated on a ready-mix delivery truck.

By comparison with the high pressures involved in conventional line pumping, Chabriat’s new pumping process is much simpler, safer and less demanding for the operators.  The commercial upshot of this transformative new technology is that ready-mix concrete orders of 1 to 3 delivery truck loads can be readily conveyed from the chute of the concrete truck to the required location on site for a fraction of current cost. 

The reduction in the scale of equipment involved and the relative ease of the manual handling requirement is a game changer for the concrete industry both in Australia and worldwide. 

The object of this project is to produce a limited capacity working prototype of the Chabriat machine which effectively demonstrates in the field the essential functions of the new concrete conveyance technology.


  • Larger patent portfolio
  • Increased collaboration with other manufacturers
  • Increased levels of automation
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Greater share of services in total revenue


The potential Australian-based machinery sales revenue is calculated to reach approximately $30 million per year in 5 years with the following escalation:

  • 2022 – $0
  • 2023 – $1 million
  • 2024 – $3 million
  • 2025 – $10 million
  • 2026 – $30 million


  • During this project, Chabriat is projected to employ one person to produce the working prototype

Government Funds: $45,000​​​ | Industry: $45,000 | In-Kind: $35,000

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