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Corrugated Metal Sheet Bending

Project description and overview:

FormFlow in collaboration with its project partners has developed a patented process for bending corrugated metal sheets which, because of its technical leadership, has the potential to realise new market opportunities in the $1 bn per annum global sheet metal market.

The process overcomes deficiencies in corrugated sheet metal roofing constructions and delivers the following advantages:

  • Reduction in building costs due to the elimination of caps and flashing
  • Improved insulation by elimination of gaps and drafts
  • Elimination of gaps where moisture can enter during severe tropical storms
  • Elimination of gaps where dirt or animals can enter a structure
  • Elimination of gaps that facilitate ember attack during bushfires
  • Improved visual appeal due to the elimination of caps and flashings

FormFlow has – in addition to the corrugated metal sheet bending process – designed a business model which is based on manufacturing and then licensing FormFlow bending machines to sheet metal manufacturers, which would enable them to produce bends as part of customised sheet metal orders.

In this project, FormFlow must now develop and validate, at commercial scale “FormFlow machine” – building on from the prototype machine that they have developed and proven in their laboratory, to be capable of being installed and integrated into the manufacturing process of a sheet metal manufacturers. The FormFlow IP will be able to become a commercial reality in terms of manufacturing revenue, employment and investment.


  • Introduction of a world’s-first patented technology
  • Increased collaboration with local manufacturers to develop advanced knowledge in steel bending production process
  • Advanced processes achieved through integrating the technology with sheet metal manufacturing
  • Elevation of services to represent a larger share of total revenue


  • $10–15 million per year in licensing revenue generated by FormFlow
  • Austeng will generate revenue through services, including contract manufacturing of bending machines, after sales services, machine maintenance and staff training
  • Potential for $20–30 million per year (medium term) by taking a 2–3% stake in the global sheet metal roofing industry


  • Five to 10 skilled jobs at FormFlow, including research engineers
  • Five skilled jobs at Austeng
  • 50 jobs across domestic project partners and prospective future partners

Government Funds: $250,000 | Industry: $250,000 | In-Kind $75,000

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