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High Purity Alumina manufacturing process

Project description and overview:

Alpha HPA, in collaboration with its project partners, has developed an innovative and unique manufacturing process. This new manufacturing process is capable of selectively extracting alumina from a proprietary solution using a solvent extraction process.

 The Alpha HPA process is estimated to have production costs that are conservatively two-thirds of the other commercial processes. At a higher level, a simplified production process schematic is shown below.

To realise this opportunity of validating and defining a commercial plant, Alpha HPA plans to design, build and operate a pilot plant that will run largely continuously for an extended period to validate end-to-end production processes, confirm material and energy balances, define commercial plant equipment requirements, thus complete key components for a final investment decision to be made in regards to the commercial plant.

The core financial metrics from smaller scale testing suggest that the commercial plant will be strongly profitable and able to make 4N purity HPA at a cost significantly lower than any other current commercial process. These pilot plant trials provide a final step in technical de-risking of the commercialisation project, which will likely then attract considerable investor interest and further investment.


Government Funds: $400,000 | Industry: $410,000 | In-Kind: $330,000

Project Collaborators

 A Metal Processing Specialist Consultancy