AMGC’s 3,000th member NanoGel set to get under your skin

An Australian company founded by ex-CSIRO scientists has joined the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre as its 3,000th member.

NanoGel’s current scientific team of five combine their many years of experience in various nanotechnology disciplines to manufacture skin-delivered products for pain relief, cancer treatment, and skin rejuvenation.

Its founders are female research scientists who met at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and then began their company in late-2019.

“We’re excited to have a company like NanoGel as our 3,000th member. What a fantastic example of what manufacturing can be: driven by brains and fueled by world-class Australian research and development. NanoGel is delivering new-to-world solutions with global relevance and with significant commercial potential,” said Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director, AMGC.

The company is currently working in collaboration with two Sydney-based SMEs, that will each incorporate a NanoGel formulation into a topical cream. The first product is a “naturally-occurring, active pain-relief ingredient in a nanostructured gel.”

“We have trialed this product with many people and their feedback was extremely positive, in fact they all encouraged us to get it to market as soon as possible,” said Dr Minoo Moghaddam, a co-founder and director at NanoGel.

“We are using our background in nano-science to develop and better deliver active ingredients through skin to reduce pain, treat skin cancers, and revitalise skin.”

“We’re in the process of attaining regulatory approval for our first product,” added Dr Maxine McCall, a NanoGel co-founder and developer and former leader of CSIRO’s nanosafety research program.

“We are seeking TGA approval for the active ingredient as well as the end product. Our timeline is dependent on us attaining financial support to complete the regulatory process. Once approval is obtained, we can move quickly to production.”

NanoGel joined AMGC while investigating opportunities for grant support and collaboration needed to take their business to the next stage.

Dr McCall and Dr Moghaddam’s co-founders are Dr Nelly Gong, a research scientist with over a decade of experience investigating nanoparticles, and Penny Bean, a cell biologist and CSIRO researcher for 35 years. Mr Ariya Iwato is a director and CFO, and currently the only male member of the team. 

“There are many examples of Australian researchers, like Minoo, Maxine, Nelly and Penny, who have seen success as entrepreneurs. We need many, many more to follow their lead,” added Dr Goennemann. 

“Australia is world-class for publishing research, but our record of translating public research into products, wealth, and jobs could be better. I congratulate the NanoGel four for taking the entrepreneurial step into the commercial world.”

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