AMGC COVID-19 Manufacturing Response Register

Folks, There is only one word that can describe the response to the COVID-19 Manufacturing Response Registerextraordinary!

AMGC put out a call last Wednesday to you, the Australian manufacturers, to register your interest in helping Australia meet its national challenge in fighting COVID-19.

Since launching the portal, we have received over 850 submissions.

Registrations vary from broad manufacturing competencies to materials and skills sets. We all stand ready to help in any way possible to do our bit.

So, let me share with you what we are doing with this information.

  • First, we are using this as an online database to source essential goods and/or services as the demand from government, other manufacturers and frontline health workers continue to arrive. To date, a good number of manufacturers have already been identified and connected for their ability to play a role in pressing issues. We will be sure to share these success stories when the outcomes are made public.
  • Second, we are spreading the word of this national register. The broad manufacturing network has done us all proud with many Federal and State agencies and other industry bodies sharing this portal widely.
  • Third, we are monitoring and clustering the content as many have posted surplus items that other manufacturers might be able to use. Again, we try to match supply and demand, connect the businesses and try to allocate all your goodwill effectively.
  • Finally, we will keep this register open. There are many ways this platform can be of benefit through bringing manufacturers with diverse offerings together. As noted on the portal, all information is treated as private.

The COVID-19 situation remains fluid and governments are doing tremendous work identifying needs and priorities. AMGC is grateful to play its role in supporting these efforts – and it is thanks to all of you who have registered that we can draw on your expertise to ensure a national response and that an even stronger manufacturing industry will emerge.

Be assured that we will send out regular updates regarding this portal’s activity.

A big thank you on behalf of the AMGC team,


For those who would like to learn more about the portal or to register, please click here