AMGC launches manufacturing with Rosie

AMGC is excited to announce the release of new content on its Manufacturing Academy platform.

Hosted by Dr Rosemary Barnes of the Engineering with Rosie YouTube Channel, Manufacturing with Rosie takes a look at the Modern Manufacturing Strategy and each of the six National Manufacturing Priorities.

The National Manufacturing Priorities

The new Manufacturing Academy content is designed to help manufacturers access the untapped opportunities available within the six National Manufacturing Priorities, including:

  1. Medical Products: The COVID-19 crisis highlighted how important it is for a country to be self-sufficient. Growing and strengthening the local medical products ecosystem will make Australia more resilient to future shocks and supply chain issues. Learn more about medical product manufacturing via the Manufacturing Academy.
  2. Space: The new Manufacturing Academy content highlights the ways in which the operating environment for space is very different to existing environments, and how to reconcile these differences.
  3. Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing: Australia is already a world-leading producer of raw minerals, but mining is only a small part within the resources value chain. Discover how to unlock the untapped value in resources manufacturing.
  4. Food and Beverage: The way we eat is changing, opening opportunities in manufacturing. Learn more about how to gain a deeper understanding of these changes and consumer behaviour to extract all potential value within the food and beverage market.
  5. Recycling And Clean Energy: Alongside Rosie, you can delve into content that looks at how to increase the volume of products made from recycled materials, while also decreasing their price—ideally, it shouldn’t cost more to use recycled materials than using virgin materials.
  6. Defence: Australia has internationally recognised capabilities in defence, exporting technology such as radar and electronic warfare. Advanced manufacturers with the right capabilities can pivot into defence, gaining the experience and insight needed to create new technology that is ready for export. Discover more with the new Manufacturing Academy

About the Manufacturing Academy

Designed to deliver exclusive insights on how to increase competitiveness and capitalise on innovation, AMGC’s Manufacturing Academy offers over 500 pages of in-depth research, interviews with more than 20 Australian manufacturers, and over 50 hours of video content, distilled into eight inspirational, informative modules.

The free-to-use online platform offers manufacturers the chance to discover how to: compete on factors such as quality, innovative and service—not cost; ensure their workforce adds value across their entire value chain; and increase the value of their product offering throughout all phases of manufacturing, include pre- and post-production.

Log on and learn today: