AMGC members in space race

The Federal Government is investing more than $300 million to kick-start Australia’s space industry and develop world-leading core satellite infrastructure.

Not surprisingly then, AMGC is seeing a groundswell of activities in the manufacturing industry, many of which are designed to support our national space priorities.

To help Australian businesses win a greater share of the US$345 billion global space market, the Government has established the first Australian Space Agency with funding of $41.0 million over the next four years, laying the groundwork to triple Australia’s space economy to $12 billion and create up to 20,000 jobs by 2030.

These initiatives are already driving growth in the local space industry, generating new opportunities for businesses, and creating jobs.

For instance, AMGC member HEO Robotics is making strides in the space industry. With the objective of imaging every asteroid in the Solar System, HEO Robotics is building a robust nanosatellite platform that can operate in the best place for optical space observation – High Earth Orbit. HEO Robotics is already winning some significant contracts, including partnering with ACSER (the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research).

Similarly, JAR Aerospace is capitalising on the high-growth opportunities presented by the space industry; the company was recently awarded a major contract by the Australian Army. JAR Aerospace specialises in the training, design, manufacturing and sustainment of high performance Unmanned Aerial Systems—more commonly referred to as ‘drones’.

Another AMGC member that manufactures equipment for use underwater is exploring the opportunities presented by Australia’s bourgeoning space industry. Their thinking is that if their remote control units can operate underwater, why not deploy similar units in outer space?

AMGC is connected to a nationwide network of research and development hubs, as well as global space industry heavyweights, such as our founding member Thales. This endows AMGC with the unique ability to help Australian manufacturers unlock new commercial opportunities in the space industry.

If you are interested in exploring manufacturing opportunities within the space industry, contact AMGC today.