AMGC releases 2019 Projects Report

We are pleased to announce the release of our second AMGC Projects Report.

AMGC’s goal is to drive innovation, productivity, and competitiveness. To achieve this goal, AMGC supports outstanding projects that are commercialising innovation. We utilise these projects to illuminate best practice strategies that are accelerating manufacturing in Australia, paving the way for other companies and research institutions to model these practices. Our recently released Report provides an update on all the projects supported by AMGC.

AMGC has doubled its project capacity over the last twelve months—we are currently facilitating or developing more than 40 projects across the nation. Over $27.1 million has been committed to these projects (by AMGC, industry, and in-kind), representing a 48% increase in funding compared to this time last year. As a result, we are set to deliver over 1215 jobs and up to $290 million in estimated revenue.  

Our active projects are spread right across the nation. In Victoria, there are 14 active projects with funding of $8.9 million. In Queensland there are eight, valued at $10.1 million. In New South Wales, there are five with funding of $4.4 million. In South Australia, there are three active projects, with funding of $2.3 million. There is also one active project in each of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Plus, several more projects are under development, including in both the ACT and Tasmania, to cover every corner of the country.


Achieving Significant Impact and Growth

Since the publication of our first Projects Report in August 2018, several of our projects are now complete, achieving significant impact and growth as a result. For instance, Quickstep’s Carbon Fibre Composite Fender project (see page 2 of the Report) created 30 new highly-skilled jobs and has seen Quickstep enter previously unattainable and geographically diverse markets. Similarly, FormFlow’s Corrugated Metal Sheet Bending project (see page 20 of the Report) forged a world‑first patented technology, and is likely to generate up to $30 million per annum in revenue and create over 65 new skilled jobs across its supply chain.

Our project pipeline has grown over the last 12 months to include an Industry 4.0 audit by Bosch, Asahi’s development of a machine health monitoring system that can predict unplanned stoppages, and a global supply chain integration project with BAE Systems, among others.

We are eager to share our project stories to inspire Australian manufacturers, and to demonstrate to Australian industry how they too can compete on the world stage.


Further information

We encourage you to download a copy of our Projects Report, or visit the Resources page on our website.

To discover how you can compete effectively within the global marketplace to generate long-term success – like the Australian manufacturers featured in our Report – take advantage of the AMGC’s free-to-use Manufacturing Academy. By accessing the Manufacturing Academy, you can delve into real-world project examples and discover – from your peers – what has delivered successful commercialisation and innovation outcomes.