AMGC secures additional $30 million under Modern Manufacturing Strategy

AMGC will receive an additional $30 million in funding to continue supporting projects in priority areas as part of the Modern Manufacturing Strategy. This will be achieved in consultation with the other five Industry Growth Centres.

AMGC projects aim to deepen collaboration between industry and research partners to reach a commercial outcome. In addition, AMGC projects increase connections into global supply chains, promote the development of advanced skills and jobs, and foster best practice and resiliency.

Since its establishment, AMGC has facilitated over 78 projects across Australia, with $66.8 million in AMGC and in-kind funding committed. These 78+ projects are expected to deliver 2,361 new jobs and $1.1 billion in revenue.

National Manufacturing Priorities

To turbo-charge Australian manufacturing the Modern Manufacturing Strategy will focus on areas of comparative advantage and strategic importance, dubbed the ‘National Manufacturing Priorities’. Projects that receive AMGC funding will align with the following six priorities.

Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing

With rich natural resources, ongoing investments in research and development and a skilled workforce, Australian manufacturers have a real opportunity to leverage growing demand for resource technologies, such as remote vehicles and subsea technologies.

Food and Beverage

Australia boasts an international reputation for premium exceptionally safe food and beverage products. By leveraging this reputation, food and beverage manufacturers can transform the nutritional value and shelf life of local produce, helping Australia to capitalise on growing global demand for premium food offerings.

Medical Products

Australia is home to strong medical research capability and has a reputation for high quality medical products. As such, manufacturers can meet the growing demand in this sector, particularly its export opportunities.

Recycling and Clean Energy

With world-leading research and development capabilities, as well as solar and wind resources, Australia’s manufacturers can take advantage of the benefits afforded by export opportunities and capture greater value from local IP. Remanufacturing also has the potential to help address waste issues and meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainably manufactured products.


With some of the strictest quality controls in the world, Australian defence industry manufacturers are internationally competitive and readily able to compete within the world’s most advanced global supply chains, whilst underpinning Australia’s national security.


Australia’s emerging expertise in space is backed by cutting-edge research and facilities and bolstered by our geographic location. Manufacturers are in the perfect position to benefit from the booming US$1 trillion future space industry and the associated cross-sector opportunities in robotics, automation and communication.

Modern Manufacturing Initiative

The centrepiece of the Federal Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy is the $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI), which will see the Government invest in projects that help manufacturers to scale up and create jobs.

The Strategy will also address the competitiveness of individual manufacturers in our priority sectors, with a $52.8 million expansion of the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund.

The COVID-19 crisis has also highlighted the need to better understand and address our supply chain issues and opportunities. A $107.2 million Supply Chain Resilience Initiative will support projects that address an identified supply chain vulnerability.

For further information, download a copy of the Modern Manufacturing Strategy.