Important development of COVID-19 Response Register – progress on connecting businesses

I am writing to share an important announcement regarding AMGC’s COVID-19 Response Register.

In late-March AMGC launched the COVID-19 Response Register to an overwhelmingly positive reception. Since then, over 2,400 manufacturers have stepped forward to offer help amid this pandemic.

Thanks to you, this Response Register constitutes Australia’s most comprehensive stocktake by far to support COVID-19 requests, covering a wide range of capabilities across the entire supply chain.

AMGC has been actively working directly with you or with the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources to match supply and critical demand in order to extract the maximum value from the Register. You might have read about some of the impactful teamings in the press.

Australian businesses continue to have a critical role to play to ensure that those who need PPE and other supplies are able to get it.

In going forward, we find it to be the right time to further expand the Register’s impact. AMGC and the Department, therefore, would like to empower all businesses and professionals registered on the site to directly connect with complementary businesses, and to enable you to identify opportunities across the health and non-health sectors.   

From early May, AMGC’s COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register will include added functionalities. Based on the data you have submitted, every business will be able to leverage its existing profile to publicly share information about capabilities and identify points of collaboration and market opportunities presented by those registered.

Participation is voluntary and free. Each registrant will be able to remove their profile at any point in time. Personal contact details will remain private and only you will have the power to choose who is able to see them. 

A profile will be created for each registrant currently on the portal using the data already provided. If you do not wish to have a business profile (without personal contact details) created, then please email [email protected] by midnight Monday, 4 May (AEDT). You will have an opportunity to review and edit your profile before it goes live. 

On behalf of the AMGC team and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, I would like to extend my very warm thank you to all who have come forward to show support and offer assistance.

In the light of the Register’s impressive size thanks to you stepping forward, we envisage this next stage to boost connections among businesses supporting each other during the COVID-19 pandemic in accessing much needed supplies to benefit your business and the nation.