Making it easier for SME’s to get involved in Defence projects 

The Industry Capability Network (ICN) Gateway has now been updated to include a taxonomy for the Defence sector. This is great news for companies wanting to be involved with Defence procurement contracts in Australia.

ICN Gateway is used to link suppliers to the buyer by issuing work packages. The release of the taxonomy introduces a breakdown of the Defence sector industry capabilities into three further category levels making it easier for industry to better articulate their capabilities and in turn receive more relevant work packages. This new visibility of industry capabilities demystifies the Defence sector and facilitates new business opportunities for Australian industry.

This update comes just in time for industry to express interest in the Hunter Class Frigate work packages leading up to the frigate production in Osborne, South Australia.

The taxonomy is designed to enhance Australian Industry Capability (AIC) value and industry participation by enabling the buyer to have a larger and better selection pool of Australian suppliers to award contracts.

ICN will be notifying existing subscribers of the new taxonomy and encouraging them to review and update their company profile by selecting capabilities listed in the updated Defence industry sector. Companies not already on ICN Gateway wanting to be involved will first need to create a company profile.

“This is a great opportunity for Australian companies wanting to expand into the Defence Sector”, ICN Limited Executive Director Derek Lark said.

This update to the taxonomy has been designed by a panel of experts from Department of Defence, Department of Industry Innovation and Science, Defence South Australia, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), BAE Systems, Naval Group and ICN South Australia.

The taxonomy will continue to evolve as feedback from industry is received.