NSW Government asserts focus on rebuilding domestic manufacturing capability

Minister for Domestic Manufacturing and Government Procurement Courtney Houssos met with 10 manufacturers and reinforced the NSW Labor Government’s commitment to rebuilding the sector.

The NSW Labor Government has made rebuilding the state’s manufacturing industry a key priority.

Minister Houssos renewed this commitment at a roundtable hosted by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) in Sydney.

The forum included representatives from a diverse range of businesses including manufacturers of electronics, defence componentry, unmanned aircraft, sustainable proteins, road tankers, water infrastructure, staging, and medical devices.

The discussion focused on:

  • Challenges the industry is facing in accessing capital, engagement with NSW Government agencies, and scaling,
  • Opportunities to leverage government procurement spend to promote domestic manufacturing,
  • The Government’s commitment to establishing local content requirements.

The NSW Labor Government has also committed to creating the Jobs First Commission to oversee the implementation and growth of local industries, supporting and advocating for local firms in bidding for government tenders.

Minister for Domestic Manufacturing and Government Procurement Courtney Houssos said:

“Our economy must have a sovereign manufacturing component at its core. We know that for every one job in manufacturing a further three-and-a-half are created in the supply chain, and we want those jobs in NSW.

“The government plays a unique role supporting NSW manufacturers by encouraging workforce growth, supporting more skilled labour, and committing to buying locally made content.

“We want to see our precious government procurement dollars put to good use. Spending procurement dollars on locally manufactured goods means the NSW economy can enjoy the multiplier effects of those investments.

“The NSW Government is committed to transforming the state’s procurement framework and practices, but it will take time. Doing so can promote local industries, accelerate economic growth, promote regional development, and ensure jobs remain onshore.

“We are committed to leveraging the power of government procurement to promote local jobs and foster our local manufacturing industry.

“Speaking with industry leaders and experts yesterday, I have heard first-hand about the problems facing the industry. 

“We’re keen to find ways the government can turn around the last lost decade of manufacturing in NSW, after the neglect of the previous Liberal-National government.

“I am committed to meeting regularly with the industry to better understand where we can assist with growth and implement action.

“We want workers, business and investors to know we’re backing NSW.”

AMGC Managing Director Jens Goennemann said:

“Australian manufacturers know how to collaborate, innovate and export. 

“Unlocking government buying power to support local industry growth is a smart strategy and we are pleased that the NSW Government is seeking better ways to make the state’s dollars work for national good.

“By engaging with industry through AMGC, Minister Houssos and her team are able to identify quick wins as well as long-term policy reform to unlock the power of manufacturing.

“In turn, these activities will scale businesses, creating higher paying, more resilient jobs for the people of NSW, while generating greater prosperity for the state.”