Ten Ways to Succeed in Australian Manufacturing – Together

Over 200 manufacturers a week register to hear AMGC’s latest research, Ten Ways to Succeed in Australian Manufacturing, in its 10-week virtual events.

To celebrate the publication of this report, and to help bring each of the ‘ways’ to life, AMGC is rolling out a series of free webinars across ten weeks.

Each webinar explores one of the ‘ways’ in detail. It features how Australian manufacturers have enjoyed success in their business because of implementing new ways of thinking or operating. Presenters are generously sharing real-world steps they have taken to achieve success, and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Ten Ways to Succeed in Ten Weeks

These webinars have demonstrated the collaborative nature of Australia’s manufacturing industry—Australian manufacturers are exceptionally generous with their advice. Manufacturers truly want to their colleagues to be as successful as possible because, when one manufacturer succeeds, the entire industry is strengthened. The whole is certainly greater than the sum of the parts. 

AMGC has been fortunate to have presenters from small and medium sized businesses right through to large national manufacturers provide their insights. Manufacturers from regional and rural Australia as well as those more centrally located in big cities have led engaging discussions. The event has included a university or research partner involved in almost every webinar.

The Ten Ways to Succeed are:

  1. Recognise Australian manufacturing’s strength
  2. Focus on leadership
  3. Plan for change
  4. Network and collaborate
  5. Work with research institutions
  6. Adopt technology
  7. Access capital
  8. Hire the right people
  9. Build your workforce and culture
  10. Extend your market reach

The Logistics

With three weeks remaining, now is the time to register for AMGC’s free series of webinars Ten Ways to Succeed in Australian Manufacturing in Ten Weeks. Hosted by Michael Sharpe (National Director of Industry, AMGC), the free webinars are broadcast live every Wednesday from 12 noon to 1pm (AEDT).

Register for the remaining three webinars now.

You can access recordings of the full series of webinars via AMGC’s YouTube channel. All the videos are time stamped, so viewers can easily navigate from one question or discussion to the next.