A message from Jens Goennemann

In partnership with Austrade, Ai Group and the Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Forum, AMGC aims to host a delegation of 20 Australian manufacturers at Hannover Messe 2020, affording these companies the opportunity to experience first-hand exactly what excellence in manufacturing looks like.

The concept of ‘Made in Germany’* has garnered worldwide prestige. Invented by the Brits during World War I to discourage people buying products made by ‘the enemy’, over time this marketing campaign backfired. Far from a stigma, ‘Made in Germany’ has come to represent the very best in quality manufacturing. Quality that is on display every year at Hanover Messe.

For me, Hanover Messe is the Mecca of manufacturing—and has been for over 70 years. Decade after decade, Hanover Messe is the largest trade show in the world, offering exceptional insights and leading-edge examples of the application of advanced manufacturing technologies and processes. If you do not take my word for it – take a listen to a couple of Australian manufacturers who attend this year.

Germany has run out of commodities. And yet, Germany remains a market leader in commodity-driven technology, products and services. For Australia to become a less commodity-driven economy, to possess the skills and expertise to make complex products, and to add value to commodities—which offers much more lucrative economic gain—then Germany is a good example to look toward.

This is not to say that Australia is not already home to countless advanced manufacturers producing quality products, evidenced perhaps by the steep 1.6 point rise in the AiGroup Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI®) in September to 54.7 points. Take, for example, B&R Enclosures who is featured in this month’s Better Together. B&R Enclosures recently undertook a project designed to make information transparent throughout its entire operations, enabling them to shift from commoditised, low-variability production to an increasingly custom, smart and competitive manufacturing model.

While 2020 may still seem a distant prospect, the time to start planning is now. Expressions of interest to join the AMGC delegation are already open. I strongly urge you to submit your application ASAP—take an important step in your own journey to manufacturing excellence.

How to join the AMGC Delegation

To join the AMGC/Austrade delegation to Hannover Messe 2020, complete the registration form on the Austrade website.

For further information, visit the:

* Full and frank disclosure: Yes, you might have guessed it: I am ‘made in Germany’ too, but I successfully passed the Australian Citizenship test. Since 2008 my family and I call Australia home.