A message from Jens Goennemann

Welcome to 2022: a year in which Australian manufacturing is already dominating the headlines.

With the Federal election looming, manufacturing is at the top of the national agenda—as it should be. Manufacturing is the single most promising capability Australia has to transition from being a lucky country to a smart country – being able to make complex things and underpinned by a highly-skilled, well paid workforce with resilient jobs.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledged $2.2 billion at the National Press Club earlier this week to spur greater commercialisation of research, and foster collaboration between industry and academia.

This is precisely the space where AMGC has—and continues to—operate. For the past five years, AMGC has worked with Australian manufacturers to identify, support and fund promising projects to bridge the valley of death between research and commercialisation. These projects are creating over 4,000 new jobs, generate over $1.5 billion in revenue, and bolster Australia’s global competitiveness.

Bridging the Gap Between Research and Industry

In just the most recent example, our $30 million Commercialisation Fund is almost fully allocated. From solar storage technology and utility-scale PEM fuel cells, through to an ultralight mobile x-ray trolley system and even gummy chews for cats and dogs. All the projects supported by AMGC through the Commercialisation Fund are expected to generate higher-paying, more resilient jobs onshore, while creating significant export opportunities.

I am looking forward to strengthening AMGC’s approach to commercialisation by benchmarking us against world leading organisations such as The Catapult Network and Fraunhofer Society. I am about to visit both fine institutes in the coming weeks. The insights gleaned from the journeys of these two organisations can be adopted and applied by Australian manufacturers who are thirsty for opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive.

Headquartered in Germany, the Fraunhofer Society is the world’s leading applied research organisation. Focused on innovation and the development of key technologies for commercialisation, Fraunhofer boasts 75 research institutions with an annual budget of €2.8 billion.

The Catapult Network brings together nine leading technology and innovation centres spanning over 40 locations across the United Kingdom. Bridging the gap between research and industry, The Catapult Network has facilitated over 14,000 industry collaborations.

Where Technology Meets Innovation

There is much to look forward to in 2022. Australian manufacturing will be the star of a comprehensive new industry showcase: the inaugural Australian Manufacturing Week (AMW). With the theme Where Technology Meets Innovation, AMW will be held at Sydney’s International Convention Centre from 7 to 10 June 2022.

Backed by AMGC, the Australian Manufacturers Pavilion at AMW will showcase the capabilities of Australia’s advanced manufacturing industry. Please stop by to chat to the exhibitors and connect with the AMGC team. We will host a networking breakfast at AMW on 10 June 2022—be sure to reserve your seat once registrations are open.

I am optimistic about what lies ahead.